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Ulzzang – A Beauty Trend that’s Sweeping The Youth Market

Where do the young people of the world look for the most exciting, innovative, and leading-edge trends? You may be surprised to learn that the youth culture of the world is obsessed with all things Korean!

It started with K-Pop, which took hold in other Asian countries, and went on to sweep the globe. (You can find out more about this phenomenon here)

So as a keen entrepreneur, you are looking for the next big fashion trend to come out of Korea, right? That trend is ULZZANG. Here at UMMA, we are experts in K -Beauty. We want you to learn about the amazing international business opportunity that Ulzzang represents for YOU. This hot trend is taking the beauty world by storm, and we don’t want you to miss out on this excellent opportunity.

We are your best and most helpful Korean business partners for the most exciting products, and the most profitable trends in the world beauty market today.

So, What Is Ulzzang?

Ulzzang (it sounds like ool-jang) can be translated as “good looking”, or maybe “best face.” It’s a trend that is followed by both boys and girls – so the market is huge! The look is very pretty, very cute, featuring large eyes, long lashes, and of course, magnificent creamy and flawless skin.

Ulzzang competitions are all over the internet – it’s a youth subculture that has become main-stream. As always, when something which starts out a little edgy, a little underground, becomes a trend that everyone wants to follow, then there is money to be made! K-Beauty is the biggest trend in the youth beauty world right now.

Korean Ulzzang Girl

The Korean Ulzzang girl look means having wonderful soft and clear skin, beautiful large eyes, long eyelashes, a pouty mouth, and a cute button nose. Of course, not everyone is blessed with these features, so young girls around the world are looking for Korean beauty products to help them achieve this look.

Korean Ulzzang Boy

Boys like the Ulzzang look too. It’s about being youthful and fresh-faced, not necessarily un-manly, but clean-cut and attractive. The focus is on lovely skin, just as it is for girls, but they also like to have a good muscular body, good, thick, well-cut hair and of course, the most fashionable clothes.

Ulzzang Skincare Is Fundamental To The Look

Korean women are well known for their beautiful skin. It always reminds us of peaches or cherry blossoms. The delicate, soft, pale skin is the natural gift of Korean women, but as we know, nature can be helped along by great skincare – and that is where K-Beauty comes in. At UMMA, we select the very finest Ulzzang beauty products and make them available to you, our valued distributor. We are in close touch with the trends for ulzzang skin products, and so we can bring you today the products that your customers will be asking for tomorrow.

An important aspect of the K-Beauty trend is Clean Beauty. Consumers are looking for organic, natural products that are at the same time effective. UMMA offers you a wide range of Clean Beauty products that meet the desire of consumers everywhere for eco-friendliness.

Some Important Korean Ulzzang Beauty Brands

When you join UMMA, you are going to have the very best guide to K-Beauty, and the Ulzzang skincare products which lead the world. Here is just a glimpse of some of the many exciting products that we offer.

  • Innisfree is an established brand that offers mainly organic based beauty products. They are mainly sourced from the volcanic island of Jehu and include a startlingly effective Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and top-selling Green Tea Serum.

Of course, green tea is great to drink, but it’s also marvelous for your skin. It’s a popular K-Beauty ingredient due to its ability to fight toxins. It’s particularly excellent for sensitive skin areas such as under the eyes, where it is often used to reduce puffiness. For the Ulzzang look, which is fresh and clean, green tea is a must.

  • The Face Shop offers traditionally sourced ingredients such as grains, nuts, flowers, herbs, and mineral water, formulated to the highest modern standards to address a whole range of skin and beauty issues.

Many of their products contain Vitamin C. You will find a lot of demand for creams, serums, gels, and lotions that contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very popular in Ulzzang beauty, both as a health supplement to take internally, and as a valued part of day to day skincare. Vitamin C plumps, hydrates and brightens tired skin, giving the desired peach blossom look. Bright skin is a key Ulzzang look, and Vitamin C really helps create this desirable look.

You will also find their Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil to be a real winner for customers with especially delicate skin.

  • Dr. Jart + is an iconic Korean beauty brand with a fresh and playful image. Almost revered in the Ulzzang universe, they are famous for their BB cream, which can cope with just about any skin issue. One of the things that makes this brand a great seller for you, the retailer, is its ultra-cool and chic packaging. They also offer some of the best-selling face masks – you can find out more about these below.
  • COSRX has a reputation for high quality and excellent value, as well as attractive packaging. They are particularly well known for their products which defeat oily skin and acne, such as the Acne Pimple Master Patch. COSRX’s Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser is made with natural willow extract. It’s a great choice for people with very troubled skin conditions like acne, as it cleanses the skin at a deep level, but is very gentle and can be used frequently. These products sell out fast!
  • Dr.Ceuracle is another well-known brand. One of its key Uzzang products is Royal Vita Propolis 33 Ampoule. Although most Ulzzang followers are young, they are concerned about anti-aging, and especially the effects of pollution in cities on the skin.

Made by bees, and used by them for housekeeping and cleaning in the hive, propolis is a rare and somewhat expensive ingredient that is highly prized for its ability to heal and soothe skin that is damaged, especially on the face. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-fungal – it has the lot when it comes to good things for your skin. It’s extremely useful in the fight against damaging free radicals.

These are just some of the many brands and products that you can find on our UMMA web site, which is full of helpful ideas and information on Ulzzang. It’s your K-Beauty money-making tool!

Face Masks Are Special For Uzzang

One of the key K-Beauty products you will definitely want to stock is face masks. They are one of the key products for the Ulzzang beauty look, and they are something that you might want to learn a little more about. Face masks are for regular use, perhaps twice a day, and lighten, brighten and refresh the skin, leaving it with the clear and dewy Ulzzang look.

Yes, we are all a little tired of face masks, but these differ from the ones we wear to protect each other. These are full face masks for beauty – cleansing and invigorating and infused with natural health and beauty promoting ingredients. They are usually quite thin, easy to use, often made from health-giving bamboo fiber, and cover the entire face. This is a very traditional ingredient that you will find in many K-Beauty Ulzzang products. It is especially good for strengthening the skin and increases its suppleness. Bamboo improves the skin’s own natural barrier against the elements and plumps up the skin by enhancing collagen.

At UMMA, we offer a wide range of these beauty masks for your customers to choose from. Some favorites come from Dr. Jart+, and one of the cult products for the Ulzzang followers is his Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydrant Solution.

Why choose UMMA As Your K-Beauty Partner?

UMMA is the Korean word for “Mother”, but it actually has an even greater meaning in today’s Urban language. It’s something like, strong best friend, protector, maybe a little bit wild! Here at UMMA, we are a wholesale company, but we aim to more than that. We want to be your advisor on Korean beauty trends, to enable your business to be first in your market with these desirable, profitable, and trending products. We are obsessed with K-Beauty, and we want the same thing for you.

With a partner like UMMA, you can keep track of the latest trends and source products from these best brands at competitive, wholesale prices. We can guide you through the sometimes confusing world of Korean Beauty – K-Beauty – and make building your K-Beauty business easy and profitable!

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