Best Pore & Sebum Care by One-Day’s You, Wholesale

The rapidly changing skincare industry and environment are opening doors for more solutions to skin problems. Moreover, beauty trends are going towards the use of natural ingredients and effective products. On-day’s You focuses on simplifying skincare with products that are designed for quick results.

The brand’s sincerity is evident by its simplistic product names that are self-explanatory on what that product does. Breaking away from stereotypical products present today in the K-beauty industry, One-day’s You makes products that are full of sparkling ideas.

Help Me Pore-T Pad

Help Me Pore-T Pad wholesale at UMMA

The Help Me Pore-T Pad is a great solution to problems related to open pores. It carefully and effectively removes residue from pores that do not clean after washing the face. These cleansing pads tighten pores that result in clear and clean skin. Reviews on Lazada say that the reason these pads work well on any skin type is the pH, which is ideal for skin. The richness of witch hazel water and tannin complex are highly effective pore care ingredients, and this product has it in plenty!

Best Seller ⭐ P.Z SSOC SSOC No More Blackhead

P.Z SSOC SSOC No More Blackhead wholesale at UMMA

The worst effect of removing blackheads is the red scars that result from squeezing them out. The P.Z SSOC SSOC No More Blackhead works differently. It effectively softens the sebum and blackheads in the open pores. Once they become soft, the open pores tighten, automatically pushing the blackheads out naturally. Reviews on Lazada claim that this product works just as well as blackhead removing facials at derma clinics. Moreover, the product is effective for all areas that have open pores and blackheads.

Help Me Eco-Intense Ceramide Ampoule PAD

Help Me Eco-Intense Ceramide Ampoule PAD wholesale at UMMA

This product has made several skincare gurus happy because of its high moisturizing power. The ceramide ampoule pads are soaking in the nutritious ingredients that hydrate the skin. Moreover, users feel that a moisture barrier is formed protecting the skin from external stressors like the sun, dust, and pollution. The ceramide ampoule pads are 3D lotus flower pads that are effective for transferring moisture from pad to skin.

Pore Tightening Ampoule Serum

Pore Tightening Ampoule Serum wholesale at UMMA

After careful clinical trials, this Pore Tightening Ampoule Serum has resulted in effectively reduced the size of open pores. It contains excellent ingredients like malt extracts, hamamelis virginiana water, paeonia suffruticosa root extract and sodium hyaluronate. The combination of these extracts not only tightens pores but also moisturizes the skin. Users have seen visible results within four weeks of using the Pore Tightening Ampoule Serum.

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