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PURCELL, the brand

The motto for this skincare brand could be “more is more”. Purcell provides science-driven, high-functioning, high dose skincare formulas that effectively work against various skin aging factors. They don’t just create and sell – each product is developed through rigorous research and testing to verify its efficacy. Each product is prescribed the most optimal high concentration to deliver high performing results.

Patented Pixcell Biom™ Ingredient

Purcell proudly offers Pixcell Biom™ ingredient in all of their products. It is a patented probiotics concentrate made up of 2 types of probiotics extracted with exclusive technology that allows up to an optimal concentration of 20 billion cfu/mL. Clinical research and testing has verified its powerful effects on soothing irritated skin, strengthening skin barrier, and calming sensitized skin after exposure to laser treatment.

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Limited time Purcell wholesale giveaway at UMMA

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Pixcell Biom™ 2 BILLION/mL

Purcell Pixcell Biom™ 2 BILLION/mL wholesale

This high concentrate 30ml ampoule provides 2 billion CFU / ml of the patented Pixcell Biom™, which contains Lactobacillus ferment (that’s 60 billion in one ampoule!). Like all PURCELL products, this OG ampoule has been clinically tested to improve skin barrier by 29.68% and provides 75.5% faster cell wound repair with 6% skin density improvement.

What’s most impressive is that the product proved to show 226% better skin color improvement, signifying a powerful calming effect on the skin of those that have undergone fractional laser treatment.

Despite what people assume about high dosage formulas, this product was also clinically tested ZERO irritation.

Pixcell Biom™ After-Laser Rebooting Cream

Purcell Pixcell Biom™ After-Laser Rebooting Cream wholesale

The After-Laser Rebooting Cream contains the powerful Pixcell Biom™ ingredient of the ampoule plus three additional probiotics strains for a total of 5 strains (Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Pichia, and Saccharomyces) to help improve various skin concerns, such as skin barrier, dryness, dullness, and elasticity.

The cream also is clinically proven to help reduce downtime period after laser treatment. It cools down heated skin and reduces swelling, redness, and irritation.

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Like what you see?

Purcell provides a wide range of high dose treatments like the Pixcell Biom™ 2 BILLION/mL and After-Laser Rebooting Cream. Check out our list of other top picks for Purcell below for consideration for your business.

247 Colostrum Pore Defence Ampoule

Purcell 247 Colostrum Pore Defence Ampoule wholesale

This innovative ampoule-in-mist contains high dosage of Pixcell Biom™ and colostrum for deep and long-lasting hydration. Small enough to fit in your pocket, you can carry around this ampoule wherever you go and spray it on according to need.

This ampoule mist is recommended for those with exhausted, oily and rough 3pm skin, and those that need a quick and easy solution for instant outdoor hydration.

88BmL L-Glutathione Flexible Liposome

Purcell 88BmL L-Glutathione Flexible Liposome wholesale

Meet the rising demand for Glutathione skincare with Purcell’s 88B/mL Glutathione ampoule. Glutathione is known as one of the most effective antioxidants that inhibit melanin synthesis. Purcell’s Glutathione formula is also patented. It also contains an additional ‘Flexible Liposome’ which effectively delivers the powerful antioxidant deep into the skin.

Clinically tested to reduce melanin in the skin by 68.7%, this is a holy grail alert product for those unhappy about skin discoloration and dark spots. It is also clinically tested for zero irritation.

Eye Mask Variety Pack (3g*6ea)

Purcell Eye Mask Variety Pack (3g*6ea) wholesale

This triple layering sheet mask is designed to adhere perfectly to the skin to deliver a potent blend of actives that resolves concerns for wrinkles and dark circles under and around the eyes. The silver layer contains 2% Niacinamide to brighten the eyes, gold contains EGF to care for wrinkles, and pink contains D-Panthenil to revitalize.

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