Top Selling Korean Makeup Foundations & Cushions for Glass Skin

Korea has become a leader in the beauty industry thanks to its exceptional skincare and makeup products. The country is known for producing a wide range of natural and high-quality beauty items that help users achieve a perfect and flawless complexion. 

Glass skin, characterized by its smooth and poreless appearance, has become a sought-after look in recent years. Thanks to Korean cosmetics’ superior performance and groundbreaking formulas, achieving glass skin is now easier than ever.

We explore some of Korea’s best-selling foundations and cushions that have become popular among beauty enthusiasts worldwide. We highlight the unique benefits of each and why it is essential for achieving the much-coveted glass skin. 

Let’s dive in and discover these game-changing Korean beauty must-haves!

Etude: Double Lasting Foundation SPF35 PA++

Etude’s Double Lasting Foundation SPF35 PA++ is one of the top-selling Korean makeup foundations that delivers glass skin perfection. Reviewers share that this product offers a soft, matte finish with impeccable coverage and adherence, ensuring a flawless look all day.

The reliable 24-hour coverage prevents oil from collapsing and keeps pores unclogged and shine-free. It covers skin flaws with precision when applied thinly, but its texture is buildable without adding heaviness to the skin. 

3CE: Velvet Fit Foundation

Beauty enthusiasts love 3CE Velvet Fit Foundation due to its unique, velvety, smooth texture that effortlessly wraps the skin for a flawless finish. According to reviews, this foundation creates a neat and clean canvas as if you’re wearing makeup for the first time.

The long-lasting formula ensures a bright and even skin tone, carefully covering imperfections for that perfect, blemish-free complexion. 

Clio: Kill Cover Founwear Foundation

Makeup testimonials state that Clio Kill Cover Founwear Foundation is a remarkable product that expertly conceals pores and imperfections with its delicate yet definitive coverage. Its lightweight texture adheres perfectly to the skin, providing powerful and long-lasting wear that needs no touch-ups.

Reviewers also enjoy the additional benefits of SPF 30, PA+++, whitening, and wrinkle improvement. Plus, it offers a 72-hour, rub-proof coverage for a flawless complexion no matter how hectic the day is.

Missha: M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Achieve flawless, glass skin with Missha: M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++, a top-selling Korean makeup foundation that combines skincare and makeup. Many reviews share that this product offers medium to high coverage without the heaviness.

With added UV protection and lasting moisture, M Perfect not only covers discoloration and imperfections but also brightens, evens and soothes the skin.

Recommended for all skin types, this innovative BB cream is the secret weapon for a perfect complexion and the ultimate glass skin effect.

Missha: Magic Cushion Cover Lasting SPF50+ PA+++

Missha Magic Cushion Cover Lasting SPF50+ PA+++ is specially designed to achieve that coveted glass-skin look. Fans highly recommend this foundation because its weightless formula allows for an easily buildable, flawless application.

Its unique combination of Boron Powder and Silica Bead Powder prevents caking and greasiness, even during a sweaty day out. Notably, the SPF 50 PA+++ formulation provides excellent sun protection, guarding against skin darkening and premature aging.

Rom&nd: Nu Zero Cushion

Rom&nd’s Nu Zero Cushion is a Korean makeup foundation making waves in the beauty world. Reviewers love the product’s formulation because it gives a flawless look without any cakiness on the face. The best thing about this foundation, according to fans, is the texture and finish.

Rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion applies as a liquidy, lightweight layer that sinks seamlessly into the skin, resulting in a semi-matte finish. Instead of the typical dewy or glossy glow, this fantastic product imparts a healthy and natural radiance that’s perfect for any occasion.

Unleashia: Satin Wear Healthy-Green Cushion

Despite being a relative newcomer, having entered the market just a few years ago, Unleashia: Satin Wear Healthy-Green Cushion has quickly gained popularity among makeup enthusiasts.

Beauty fans share that this cushion foundation offers a semi-matte satin finish while providing skincare benefits and SPF30 PA++ sun protection for a healthier complexion.

Enriched with nurturing ingredients such as Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Bakuchiol and Petroselinum Sativum (Parsley) Extract and boasting a substantial 76% water essence content, Unleashia ensures natural coverage while deeply hydrating the skin.

Additionally, the high-adherence, long-lasting formula is vegan-certified, making it a top choice for ethical beauty lovers.

Thim: Luminous Skin Cushion

Thim Luminous Skin Cushion is a densely textured K beauty foundation that has gained wide acclaim due to its effortlessly covering blemishes and imperfections while imparting a radiant glow on your skin.

Now, you can achieve even, stunning skin with just one application of Thim’s Luminous Skin Cushion, making this product a must-have in a beauty arsenal. 

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