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Most Korean brands focus soley on formula innovation and efficacy. And while that’s not a bad thing at all (especially with affordable pricing and proven skincare results), the brands fall short when it comes to aesthetics. Entry premium brands, like Hera (Korean), and of course luxury brands like Lancôme and L’occitane (French) fully immerse their customers in their beauty experience with outstanding efficacy and collector’s package design.

V&A Beauty is an entry premium brand that provides the full essential range of cosmetics from skincare, makeup, bodycare to haircare products with the elegant collector’s package design of luxury brands for a more affordable price.

V&A beauty wholesale at UMMA

V&A cosmetics brand was created in collaboration with one of the world’s largest art and design museum, the British Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, known for its constantly evolving contemporary art. The Museum has strived to expand its aesthetic influence on society by connecting to a wide range of audiences in the fashion, architecture, and cosmetics industry.

V&A design awards
V&A’s Design Awards
V&A offered at Korea's luxury Hyundai Department Stores source @vabeauty.official
V&A offered at Korea’s luxury Hyundai Department Stores
V&A collaboration with luxury hotel L'Escape, Seoul source @vabeauty.official
V&A collaboration with luxury hotel L’Escape, Seoul

So why did V&A, a Korean brand, choose to create a cosmetics brand inspired by a British Museum?

V&A brand doesn’t just apply the artwork on the products and call it a day. The brand offers through each collection of products a unique and creative aesthetic, functionality, and intellectual behind-the-story experience, and innovates the formulas through Korean skincare technology. What better way to express contemporary art through beauty products?

Take, for example, V&A’s hero anti-aging ampoule:

Antioxidant Radiance Ampoule

This one of a kind ampoule integrates British Royal Herbs Remedies(RHS) and modern Korean skincare technology (extraction & mixing) to provide an antioxidant benefit you’ve never experienced before. RHS contains 5% Polythenol™, which is known to be 5.6x more potent in anti-oxidant power than Idebenone and 3.7x stronger than Black Tea Extract. Additionally, the formula excludes 19 harmful & animal ingredients and uses eco-friendly packaging practices.

The efficacy of the ampoule is backed by clinical tests that prove its multiple skincare benefits, such as moisture content improvement, dark spot reduction, and skin density and transparency improvement. The Antioxidant Radiance Ampoule has even been voted the representative product of 2023 Olive Young Awards for Slow Aging Category.

Antioxidant Radiance Ampoule wholesale at UMMA

Long-Wear Cushion Foundation Radiant

Another way V&A delivers a unique artful experience is through makeup collections that integrates advanced skincare technology and V&A art design. The Long-Wear Cushion Foundation delivers 50 hours of long-lasting seamless coverage and moisture-retaining ability. Plus, it contains a powerful SPF50+PA++++ shield and blue light blocking benefit to protect your skin from photo-aging.

The artwork by John French on the package reflects the idea behind this cushion foundation perfectly. His incredible avant-garde lighting techniques has revolutionaized fashion photography in the mid-20th century with his innovative way of balancing light and contrast.

V&A Long-Wear Cushion Foundation Radiant wholesale at UMMA

Like John French’s play with light and shadow, V&A hopes to inspire their customers when they apply their daily face contour art.

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