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40 Years of Research in Baby Skin Care Solutions

Dr.ato is a baby cosmetics brand by one of the largest baby care manufacturing & brand owner company, Medience – responsible for the creation of other top most loved baby care brands, such as B&B, UPIS, Tartine et Chocolat, MUAA and others.

Dr.ato itself is a long established brand researching and developing for over 40 years to deliver amazing baby skin care formulations. Dr.ato’s products contain patented BM-Simulipids™ which combines powerful baby-safe ingredients, such as ceramides, cholesterol and squalene. This miracle formula mimics the effects of the Vernix-Caseosa, which is a natural protective film baby’s skin is covered with during the last trimester.

Innovative solutions, such as the BM-Simulipids™ has awarded Dr.ato ‘Most-Loved Brands of Korea’ for 8 years.

Most-Loved Brands of Korea award
2012, 2013, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Here at UMMA, we supply over 130 best and niche Korean cosmetics brands, like Dr.ato, wholesale to sellers all over the world. We understand the need for businesses to test products prior to risking large investments on brands or products that may not fit their market needs. So, we are providing a triple Dr.ato giveaway event to try some of their top selling items for a limited time (October 2023).

[Closed] NEW Dr.ato Brand Giveaway (February 2024)

With Dr. Ato brand purchase from UMMA, you can choose up to 5 of the options below:
– 50ea 357 Lotion 2ml*3
– 50ea Apple Cider Wash & Shampoo 5ml*2
– 5ea Cleansing & Soothing Wet Tissue (20 ea)
– 5ea Moisture Daily Sun Protector 50ml
– 2ea Triple-Hyaluron Moisture Lotion 310ml

NEW Dr.ato Brand Giveaway (February 2024) for wholesale purchase from UMMA

[Closed] Limited Time Dr.ato Giveaway Promotion

For a limited time only, we are giving away various Dr.ato best seller items with a wholesale purchase from UMMA. But they run out quickly, so hurry and claim these gifts while we have them in stock!

Limited Time Dr.ato Giveaway Promotion

Giveaway 01 [With Any UMMA Purchase] claim up to total value of $206 (5ea*2)

  • Moisture Daily Sun Protector 50ml
  • Triple-Hyaluron Moisture Lotion 310ml

Giveaway 02 [With Any Dr.ato Purchase from UMMA] claim up to total value of $40 (25ea*2)

  • 357 Lotion 2ml*3
  • Apple Cider Wash & Shampoo 5ml*2

Giveaway 03 [With Any Dr.ato Sunscreen Purchase from UMMA] claim up to total value of $88 (max 30ea & 25ea*2)

  • Cleansing & Soothing Wet Tissue (20ea)
  • 357 Lotion 2ml*3
  • Apple Cider Wash & Shampoo 5ml*2

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If you’re not sure which products to test out, the brand provides a wide range of products that meet the needs of different skin concerns. Take a look below at our list of Dr.ato’s best products currently available for wholesale.

Baby Safe Suncare

Dr.ato provides a range of suncare products according to need and activity. Here are the three most sought after sunscreens.

Moisture Daily Sun Protector 50ml

Dr.ato Moisture Daily Sun Protector wholesale

Created for moms and babies alike, this lightweight but powerful (SPF50+ PA++++) daily moisturizing sunscreen is safe for all ages and best used for daily use.

It is tested zero skin irritation and contain best moisturizing and soothing ingredients, such as triple Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide NP, and Cica. The unique benefit of this sunscreen is that it contains sebum absorbing power to prevent irritation from sweat and keep it long-lasting until the next application.

Derma Water Proof Sun Protector 80ml

Dr.ato Derma Water Proof Sun Protector wholesale

The waterproof sunscreen (SPF50+ PA++++) is also a lightweight, no white cast formula, and especially made to withstand outdoor activities. The waterproof coating, water-oil balancing layer, and main ingredients including Panthenol, Calamine, and Cica keeps skin moisturized and healthy while enjoying your day out in the sun.

Silky Pocket Sunstick 17g

Dr.ato Silky Pocket Sunstick wholesale

If you’re looking for a formula that’s a bit more soft and airy, the Silk Pocket Sunstick is perfect for daily use and reapplication. This simple yet powerful (SPF50+ PA++++) sunstick is considered Hwahae’s No.1 Sun Stick in the Mom & Baby Sunstick category for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021).

Main ingredients include Panthenol, ‘Aqua Seal’, and Cica for the perfectly protected air-soft skin finish.

3·5·7 Lotion Series According to Skin Type

Not all baby’s skin is the same – but they all need the right kind of moisturization to stay healthy! Choose according to your baby’s skin condition to tackle crucial skin concerning moments.

3 Triple-Hyaluron Moisture Lotion 310ml

Dr.ato 3 Triple-Hyaluron Moisture Lotion wholesale

For your average dry and dehydrated skin, choose the Triple-Hyaluron Moisture Lotion.

It provides fast-absorbing deep hydration with 3 kinds of Hyaluronic and patented BM-Simulipids™. This formula is especially made even for the most extremely sensitive skin, as it does not contain over 26 kinds of ingredients known to possibly cause allergic reactions.

5 Double-Linolen Calming Lotion 310ml

Dr.ato 5 Double-Linolen Calming Lotion wholesale

For those with itchy skin due to irritation, redness, and dryness, choose the Double-Linolen Calming Lotion.

The Double Gama Linolen provides deep soothing relief from itchiness beyond skin tightness. This product also contains the patented BM-Simulipids™ for essential baby skin protection, and does not contain over 26 kinds of ingredients known to possibly cause allergic reactions.

7 Ultra Rescue Cica Lotion 160ml

Dr.ato 7 Ultra Rescue Cica Lotion wholesale

For sensitive skin due to external damages (deep recovery), choose the Ultra Rescue Cica Lotion.

This formula contains Centella, Madecassoside, and Five Ceramides to help recover woulds, provide anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy effects. It also contains the patented BM-Simulipids™ for essential baby skin protection, and does not contain over 26 kinds of ingredients known to possibly cause allergic reactions.

Cleansing & Soothing Wet Tissue 20ea

Dr.ato Cleansing & Soothing Wet Tissue wholesale

There is always concern regarding cleansing after suncare. Fear not with Dr.ato’s Cleansing & Soothing Wet Tissue.

This 3-in-1 solution gently cleanses (Rice water), soothes (Aloe Vera), and moisturizes (Shea Butter) baby’s skin safely after suncare and outdoor activities. It is so gentle, you can use on face and body.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wash 310ml & Shampoo 310ml

Apple Cider Vinegar Wash 310ml & Shampoo 310ml

The naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar formula is an advanced hypoallergenic formula safe to use for all ages.

The natural AHA of the Apple Cider Vinegar helps balance skin and scalp’s pH balance, remove dead skin cell, and alleviate blemishes. It also reduces hair loss, dandruff and inflammation of the scalp. For mamas worried it may sting the little one’s eyes – do not worry! It has been tested zero eye irritation.

This formula also contains patented BM-Simulipids™, and excludes 26 kinds of allergen ingredients.

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