Best Korean Exfoliator Products: The Best Face Scrubs, Peeling & Other Exfoliating Products

Exfoliating products can improve anyone’s existing skincare routine. When used regularly, exfoliation can remove dead skin cells and stubborn dirt that can lead to clogged pores and textured skin. However, the best exfoliating products can be different for all types of users, so shops providing different types on the market can be helpful to buyers. 

Korean skincare products have become popular for their thoughtful natural ingredients. This is why it’s no surprise that these are a popular choice for those searching for the best Korean exfoliator. Here are some exfoliating products your customers can add to their routine for cleaner and softer skin. 

Face Scrubs

Face scrubs are skincare products that have small granules that gently scrub the skin’s surface. These remove all the dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities that could clog pores.

By removing these, your customers can improve their skin’s texture, promote healthier skin cell growth, and maximize how much skincare product their skin can absorb. Here are some of the best Korean face scrub products we recommend from our catalog. 

I’m From Fig Scrub Mask

I’m From’s Fib Scrub Mask is a double-exfoliant, making it one of the best thorough exfoliants to add to your customers’ skincare routine. It contains 1.2% fig powder which softly dissolves dead skin cells to help healthier cell growth. It also has black sugar, which scrubs away any impurities that can cause clogging. 

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub 2x

Use this as an exfoliating mask and scrub and achieve a brighter and smoother complexion free of loose debris. This product uses black sugar, rice wine, and fruit extracts to scrub and purify the skin.

Additionally, Macadamia and Meadowfoam Seed Oil nourishes and soothes skin. It’s best for users who experience blackheads and chronically clogged pores. 

HUXLEY Scrub Mask Sweet Therapy

The secret of Huxley’s Sahara collection is its cactus extract and prickly pear seed oil that moisturizes and protects the skin barrier, while walnut shell powder and sugar exfoliate your skin.

It’s a naturally-derived exfoliator, ensuring cleansing and moisturizing properties through organic ingredients. It’s best used for oily and combination skin types. 

Peeling Masks

Korean skin peeling products exfoliate the skin by trapping loose particles and absorbing excess oils and impurities. These start in cream or gel form and are applied to the face.

When it dries, the user can peel off the mask, which has dead skin cells, dirt, and oil stuck to it. These are best for users who have blackheads and those who prefer non-abrasive exfoliators. 

Beauty of Joseon Apricot Blossom Peeling Gel 

If you want to add Korean skin peeling products to your shop’s catalog, start with this peeling mask rich in Prunus Mume flower water and cellulose.

It’s a Gommage exfoliation, which means the cream breaks down dead skin cells and other impurities as it hardens into a mask. Once the mask is removed, so do all the stubborn particles causing uneven skin texture. 

DR.G Brightening Peeling Gel

Best for users with sensitive and hyperpigmented skin that often experiences irritation with regular exfoliating products, Dr. G’s peeling mask has clinically proven results for removing dead skin cells while hydrating and protecting the skin’s barrier.

On top of its cellulose particles that exfoliate, it contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to help moisturize and brighten the skin. 

Exfoliating Pads

Exfoliating pads often contain cotton pads infused with liquid essences and exfoliating ingredients. Instead of using bath face scrubs, users can get one pad and gently rub it across their face.

The exfoliating ingredient helps with scrubbing away dead skin cells and other impurities. These are more convenient than everyday face scrubs and can be used alongside cleansers at the start of one’s skincare routine. 

NEEDLY Daily Toner Pad

For some users, one round of gentle exfoliation may not be enough. After cleansing, users can add a light exfoliating step to their toner by choosing toners with BHA and PHA.

These lift impurities that are clogging pores while nourishing the skin with Salicylic Acid to manage oil production. When used regularly, this product can help users with sensitive skin achieve smooth and hydrated skin. 

COSRX One Step Original Clear Pad

COSRX’s Original Clear Pad contains organic essences that help dissolve and remove dead skin cells. This product is best for oily skin and users prone to breakouts. The combination of BHA and willow bark water penetrates the pores, removes clogging impurities, and provides an added layer of cleansing and purifying. 

NUMBUZIN No.4 Pore Zero Peeled Egg Toner Pad

With this toner pad, your customers can deep clean their skin while achieving that popular glass skin look from Korean beauty products. With PHA, LHA, and Numbuzin’s patented “Anti Sebum P” – a combination of organic extracts to boost skin health – this product deeply cleanses the outer layer of the skin and impurities that could lead to clogged pores. 

Lip Scrubs

Lip scrubs are softer scrubs designed to exfoliate the skin of lips, which are more sensitive than facial skin. Most lip scrubs combine a gentle exfoliant such as sugar or salt plus a hydrating ingredient to prevent drying out. Many lip scrubs come in different flavors and scents to make the experience more pleasant.

COSRX Full Fit Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

This lip scrub doubles as both a scrub and a moisturizer. Sugar crystals gently buff away dead skin flakes while the honey extract nourishes and moisturizes the lips. This is best for users experiencing dry and chapped lips.

Users can make their lipstick and other lip products look their best by prepping their lips with this scrub before applying. After exfoliation, their lipstick can have an improved, smoother, and more flawless texture. 

A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Scrub

This lip scrub uses walnut shell powder to gently remove dead skin cells and provide a soft and smooth texture after use. Additionally, it has Milk Protein extracts and Vitamin E acetate that help with moisture retention and skin firming.

A’PIEU is known for its mild ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, so this product is best for those prone to skin irritation or redness after exfoliating. 

Body Scrubs

The best Korean exfoliator products also cover the rest of the body’s exfoliating needs. Compared to face scrubs, body scrubs have larger and more abrasive particles.

These may harm sensitive facial skin but are suitable for the body’s thicker skin. Body scrubs are often used on the hands, feet, and other body parts where users may notice dead skin cell buildup. 

Dr.Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Coffee Bean Body Scrub 

Body scrubs are much more abrasive and harsh than facial scrubs, but some products can be too intense for sensitive skin.

However, Dr. Ceuracle’s body scrub provides a gentle exfoliating effect with a combination of upcycled coffee grounds, sugar, and cellulose. This product also acts as a body wash and body treatment, so users can make the most out of it while still taking great care of their skin. 

Body Cleansers

Body cleansers include soap bars, liquid soaps, body washes, shower gels, and other bath products. Not all body cleansers are exfoliators, but our picks are known popular products with exfoliating ingredients that gently scrub dead skin cells and impurities as the user applies the soap to their body. 

SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Body Cleanser

This body cleanser has AHA and PHA, which exfoliate while it cleanses. Customers with acne-prone skin will appreciate this exfoliating body cleanser, as it’s designed to alleviate acne-prone skin.

On top of exfoliating to improve skin texture, it also provides sensitive skin care and contains ingredients such as BHA and other organic extracts to soothe skin. 

The Ordinary Sulphate 4% Cleanser for Body and Hair

This cleansing shampoo doubles as a body cleanser with exfoliating properties. Suitable for all hair and skin types, this shampoo has potent ingredients that remove oil and dirt from the scalp and skin without affecting the natural moisture barrier.

Additional ingredients such as SLES-2 provide additional moisturizing properties. While this is not a product made in Korea, the product has received high recognition, so we had to add it to our list of exfoliator picks!

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An effective skincare routine starts with a clean canvas to maximize the effectiveness of other Korean beauty products. This is why exfoliation for the face and body is a must-have step for many. At UMMA, we supply businesses with in-demand Korean beauty products at cost-effective prices.

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