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Everything you need to know about Amazon FBA service

amazon FBA warehouse

Are you looking to start your own business? Or, perhaps, want to start a side-job that you can do from home? Amazon FBA program can help you do that – and can also help you expand your already-existing business.

Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA, is the perfect tool to help you sell products to customers throughout the world. If you combine FBA with the right wholesaler, you can take your business to the next level.

Before you start your own business or expand the one you already have, you need to learn what FBA is, how does it work, what benefits does it have for you, and what kind of products you should sell.

Find everything you need to know down below!

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA for short, is a service that allows you to partner with Amazon so you can use their warehouses, shipping, and customer service, among other things.

Most business owners use FBA due to their efficiency and visibility. When you enroll in the FBA program, your products will be able to reach almost anywhere in the world – and you will have to do little for that to happen.

Simply put, FBA allows you to partner with Amazon so you can use their logistics. Instead of spending money on warehouses, trucks, and customer service reps, you ask Amazon to provide that for you.

In exchange, Amazon gets a commission for every sale you make – and you get to expand your business in ways you never thought possible.

What are the benefits of using FBA?

The biggest benefit from enrolling in FBA is the logistical advantage you get from using Amazon’s facilities. You also get a lot of free time from not having to worry about shipping and delivery – and that’s time you can use to expand your business in new ways.

If you enroll in the FBA program, Amazon will take care of:

  • Storage: Your inventory will be stored in one of Amazon’s warehouses. This is a huge benefit because you will no longer have to pay for a room to store your products before they’re shipped to your customers.
  • Logistics: Not only will Amazon store your inventory, but it will also take care of receiving it and shipping it to your customers. They will take care of the logistical aspect of your business – and you will have to make no effort for that to happen!
  • Customer Service: Amazon will take care of the Customer Service calls regarding shipping. If something is late, Amazon will take the call. If the wrong order was delivered, Amazon will take the call. You will only have to deal with clients that have specific questions about your products.
  • Amazon Prime: When you enroll in the FBA program, all your products will be eligible for one-day and two-day shipping for free. This alone will increase your sales like no other thing – studies show free shipping increases sales!
  • Scaling Business: Since Amazon deals with everything inventory- and shipping-related, you can sit back and relax. Or you can roll up your sleeves and work on expanding your business. Either way, Amazon will take care of most of the work for you.

How does FBA work?

Once you’ve enrolled in the FBA program, working with Amazon is rather simple. All you have to do is send your inventory to Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon workers will inspect what you sent, approve the merchandise, and you will be able to list it for sale on Amazon’s webpage.

After the inventory is down at Amazon’s warehouses, all you have to do is wait for a customer to make a purchase.

When someone buys something, Amazon will be notified. They will pick the product, pack it, and ship it to its destination. They also take care of tracking the order for you. If there’s a problem with the order, you won’t have a problem because Amazon will solve the issue for you.

Simply put, Amazon will take care of anything that has to do with shipping and delivery of your products.

The truth is, with the right products and with the help of Amazon, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your profits.

What do I need to do to sell products using FBA?

The only difficult thing regarding FBA is the process before your merchandise arrives at Amazon’s warehouse. You need to pack the products and label them appropriately before sending them over.

This isn’t really hard to do, but it requires that you have some space to store your inventory before Amazon takes over the operation. You also need the right equipment to do it – if you label things the wrong way, Amazon may decline and return your products.

Even though this is the most difficult part of the process, certain agencies take care of this for you. If you choose the right wholesaler, they will pack and label the products for you – and even send them to Amazon themselves!

What products should I sell using the FBA program?

When it comes to selling products through FBA, some things are better than others.

  • The bigger the products are, the more you’ll have to pay for storage space. You need something light and yet expensive to get better profits.
  • Prices should be expensive but not by that much. Amazon marketplace is price-driven – so, you want to offer something high-quality but cheaper than what the competition is offering.
  • You need something that has a long shelf life. That way, you don’t need to replace products that are stored for a long time. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing money in the long run.
  • Even though you’re looking for something that can be stored for a long time, you want to be able to make sales all year round. You want your products to be non-seasonal.
  • Preferably, you want to sell niche goods. You don’t want to cover a broad part of the market, you want to dominate a small- to medium-sized part of it (doing so will improve your exposure in the Amazon marketplace).

What’s easy-to-sell, light yet expensive, has a great quality to price ratio, has a long shelf life, and is non-seasonal?

A few items meet all the criteria. For example, small appliances do. Books are also an option. Unfortunately, both those markets are already dominated by big companies.

The best thing to sell right now is beauty products and cosmetics – and, more importantly, K-beauty products. K-beauty is the perfect niche in cosmetics. One you should take advantage of if you want to make a profit.

Cosmetics products are perfect to sell through FBA; they are:

  • Light but expensive
  • Non-seasonal
  • Durable

K-Beauty cosmetics are:

  • High-quality, yet cheaper than other countries’ cosmetic products
  • A growing industry
  • Ever-changing, something that allows you to always sell new stuff

Simply put, if you want to make the most out of the FBA program, you need to find the right K-beauty products supplier. You need a company that works as a wholesaler to get the best deals possible – and you need a company that it’s located in Korea, so you know you’re getting the best K-beauty products possible.

Where can I get the best K-beauty products to sell through FBA?

Now that you know how to sell products through FBA and you know what kind of product you need to sell, you only need the right company to supply you with the products you’re looking for.

The company you want to partner with is UMMA. They’re the perfect company if you need a wholesale supplier of K-beauty products.

Why is UMMA the right choice?

For starters, their headquarters are located in Korea. This means they know everything regarding the fashion trends happening in Korea before anyone else gets to know.

They’ll know what cosmetics are in, which ones are out – and, more importantly, what you’ll want to sell next season. They’re the perfect ally to supply you with the right information to outperform your competition. Other K-beauty suppliers are based outside of Korea. It will take them a long time before they get to know what’s going on in Korea – and when they do, it’ll be too late to shift trends. You don’t want that happening to you!

UMMA will help you have the perfect marketing strategy – and they will also provide you with authenticity certificates for all of their products. There are a lot of scammers and knock-off sellers out there, and you don’t want to sell that kind of stuff. With UMMA, fake products are never an issue.

Not only they are the right company for K-beauty products, but they are also perfect if you’re working with FBA.

UMMA is the perfect partner for your K-beauty business!

Your entire operation will be in good hands when you partner with these two giants!

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