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10 step K Beauty skincare routine

10 step skincare

There is no denying that Korea leads the way in the skincare world! Korean beauty products have an exceptional reputation because they use natural ingredients and they focus on preventing skincare problems, rather than reacting to them afterward.

The beauty products on the market today from Korea incorporate luxurious ingredients and the latest technology, yet they are still steeped in tradition, relying on tried and tested methods. This is one thing that makes K beauty so effective!

Talking about tradition, the 10 step Korean skincare regime is a prime example of this. This routine will give you the best chance of putting all of your Korean beauty products to good use. It is also proven to be highly beneficial, with people all over the world following it.

With that being said, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about the ten-step Korean skin care routine you need to follow if you want to achieve stunning, radiant skin.

What is the 10 step K beauty routine?

We’re going to take you through the incredible Korean skin care routine, step-by-step, below.

Step one: Double cleanse the skin

Koreans start off their beauty regime by cleansing the skin not once, but twice! Firstly, you should use oil to wash your skin. Follow this by then using a foam cleanser.

The purpose of the double cleanse is because both cleansers have their benefits, getting different types of dirt and debris off your skin.

If you have oily skin, you may be considering skipping the first cleanse, but don’t! An oil cleanse can still be highly effective on oily skin, as it can help to remove any impurities that are oil-based, for example, pollutants, sebum, and SPF.

So, why do you need a second cleanse? Well, while oil may be effective in removing the impurities mentioned, it is not as effective against dirt and sweat, which is why you need to follow with a foam cleanse.

While you are cleansing your skin, it is a good idea to take the time to massage it. This is something that Korean beauty swears by and it can help you to stimulate your skin’s surface, preparing it for the products that are coming.

Step two: Apply a toner

When we say that the next step is to apply a toner, it is imperative that this is a Korean type of toner, rather than the American kind!

In America, the toner that they use is an astringent that will wipe makeup and dirt off the skin. This is not the same as the toners you will find in Korea. They tend to be a thin layer of moisture, which is designed to soften your skin and regulate your pH.

A toner, therefore, is vital in terms of preparing your skin for the upcoming steps. There are lots of toners to choose from, which are packed with botanical ingredients that address different concerns, so keep this in mind while selecting.

Step three: Add some essence

As you may have gathered by the fact that this is a ten-step skin care routine, one of the main elements of a Korean beauty regime is layering products.

As opposed to applying one thick cream that is supposed to do all of the work, the approach to skincare in Korea is to layer beauty products so that your pores do not clog and your skin is allowed to breathe.

Essence tends to be very thin, with some even being watery. They help with penetrating the skin at a deeper level and ensure it can absorb all of the products to come.

Step four: Emulsion

Yes, this is another moisturizing step, but if you want to have the perfect skin, it is required!

The emulsion layer is slightly more viscous when compared with the layers mentioned before. You are now starting to build that sheen and richness that is going to help you achieve the stunning final result.

Just like the layers that have passed, emulsion is packed with powerful ingredients, and you are going to need to shop based on your skin type.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you need any sort of help when it comes to choosing the right products for your skin.

Step five: Serum

You are half-way through the process now. Ampoules and serums are both highly concentrated products, and you can use either or at this point.

Ampoules are often presented as a souped-up type of serum by some businesses. However, the products are highly similar, and so you only need to use one.

This gives you the chance to add lots of juicy goodness to your skin as part of your skin care routine. You are going to get a big blast of thick and intense moisture that will offer your skin heaps of benefits.

Step six: Apply a sheet mask

We have moved away from creams now and we are adding a different product to the mix; the sheet mask! Sheet masks have become extremely well known, and they were first made popular thanks to Korean beauty.

You can get cheap sheet masks but it is imperative to choose with care and read up on the ingredients and the reviews left by others.

You can apply sheet masks as frequently or infrequently as you wish, and they tend to take about 20 minutes.

10 step skincaare

A lot of people like to add sheet masks before they are going away on holiday or attending a special event. There are then those that add them to their skin on a periodic basis as part of their monthly routine. The choice is yours!

These masks are typically soaked in serum, ensuring that the ingredients are absorbed directly into the skin so that you will reap the rewards of heaps of nutrients and moisture.

Step seven: Apply some eye cream

Of course, eye cream is a beauty product that is appreciated all over the world, and so it is not unique to K beauty. However, the Korean beauty market certainly appreciates the benefits that come with good eye cream!

Eye cream is designed to add some more moisture to the super thin layer of skin that is around your eyes. This is where fine lines and crow’s feet are bound to crop up. However, if you apply eye cream, you can ensure that these lines do not show up for many years and that they are not extremely prominent.

Step eight: Apply a moisturizer

You may have assumed that you are finished with moisturizing skin care steps for now, but you would be mistaken! It may sound a bit absurd to add another thick layer of moisturizer now, but it is part of the 10-step Korean skin care routine.

It is an important part as well, as it is all about sealing in all of the products that you have used so that your skin can continue to be nourished.

Think of your skin as a pot of fresh fruit. You add a lid so that the fruit remains fresh, right? So that all of the good stuff remains inside and it doesn’t lose its nutritional value and flavor! Well, that’s what moisturizer is; it is the lid that keeps everything inside luscious!

Step nine: Add some sunscreen to your face

We are getting toward the end of the 10-step routine, and this is one part that you are not going to want to miss! Protecting your skin with sunscreen is vital.

There are a lot of people that assume that they only need to wear sunscreen when they are going to the beach or when it is boiling hot outside, but this could not be further from the truth. Sunscreen is needed on a daily basis. After all, even though the weather may be cold outside, the sun is still going to be shining, and so your skin still needs protection. Don’t forget that!

Step ten: Wear a sleep mask

While all of the skin care steps that have been mentioned above can be done after one and other during the morning, this is a part of the process that you should leave until the evening.

When you are asleep, your body goes into repair mode, and this is an excellent time for you to help the process along by using a K beauty sleeping mask.

It’s like fairies going to work on your face while you’re sleeping! All of those beautiful ingredients will have a party on your face while you get a restful slumber. When you wake up, your skin will feel soft and radiant, boasting a beautiful glow.

So there you have it:

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