Best A’BLOOM Masks for Wholesale

The A’BLOOM masks by ALTHEA have a separate fan following around the world. ALTHEA brand is named after the national flower of Korea and works at bringing the best of K-beauty to the world. The flower symbolizes the true beauty and essence of the country and the natural ingredients it encapsulates. Get the best A’BLOOM masks for wholesale at low prices at UMMA.

As observed on Shopee and Amazon, the following five masks have a higher demand around the world.

Best A'BLOOM Masks for Wholesale at UMMA

COCO-ME-UP Uplifting Coconut Mask

Another popular one is the Coco-Me-Up skin-lifting mask. Packed with coconut extracts that target saggy skin, A’BLOOM has become a skin and time saver. This mask is loaded with vitamin E and collagen in addition to coconut to ensure tighter and smoother skin. The result, according to users, is firmer skin in just a few minutes. Masks by A’BLOOM is a quick remedy and only requires 10minutes for that bouncy, firm and fresh skin.

SPARKLE-ME-BRIGHT Brightening Lemon Mask

The Sparkle-Me-Bright mask is rich in Vitamin C – responsible for skin brightening and lightening. A’BLOOM packed this one with both lemon and lime to ensure the best results possible. It targets dark spots and dull skin textures. According to reviews on Shopee, users experience disappearing of dark spots and bright skin after regular use.

WATER-ME-LONG Moisturizing Watermelon Mask

The watermelon mask is for those with dry and itchy skin. Watermelon extract provides instant moisture that locks in the skin barrier. The result is moisturized skin for a long time. In addition, the mask contains a lavender extract that helps in calming down the senses. Skincare influencers highly recommend the Water-Me-Long mask after a tiring day at work. It is a great way to rewind and relax before going to bed.

BERRY-ME-BABY Anti-Aging Blueberry Mask

This is a quick fix for dry skin. One sheet of Berry-Me-Baby contains about 25g essential ingredients. Packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols extracted from blueberries, it instantly brightens the skin. Skincare lovers feel the difference immediately and have repurchased this pocket-friendly and quick skincare fix. It is popular among those individuals looking for anti-aging solutions.

AVO-CUDDLE-ME Nourishing Avocado Mask

Ever notice how rich, soft and creamy avocado is? Imagine having your skin feel that way. Full of antioxidants, the Avo-Cuddle-Me mask brings plenty of this superfood’s nourishing properties directly to your skin and protects skin from environmental factors to prevent wrinkles. Reviews show they do exactly as described – leaving your face feeling soft and smooth like avocado.

Invest in Best A’BLOOM Masks Wholesale

There is always high levels of competition for brands to win the ‘best sheet mask’ category. But take it from us, A’BLOOM is an investment worth making. The results, the reviews and recommendations of k-beauty enthusiasts for A’BLOOM masks are growing. Get in touch for your wholesale stock today.

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