Top 5 Best Seller Acne Patches to Stock Up for Your Business

Acne is one of the toughest skin concerns to address. It is also one of the most common skin problem everyone encounters. Some may experience chronic acne that puts stress on their self-esteem every day for years, while some may experience just that one zit right before that one important occasion. Dealing with chronic acne may not be so easy to address. But, you will come to see what it is about these top selling acne patches that consumers seek as their go-to S.O.S. treatment time and time again. With such high repurchase rates, we at UMMA recommend these top 5 best seller acne patches to stock up for your beauty business.

It is now commonly considered as an issue not isolated to teenagers, because there are various factors that can contribute to breakouts. For example, fluctuating hormonal levels, air pollution, using oily or greasy products, pH imbalance, stress, and some medications may lead to skin trouble. When you don’t take preventative and early treatment measures and the trouble worsens, that’s when it becomes difficult to take control of the situation.

Today, we find a number of brands researching and developing innovative new products to help resolve the issue the moment the skin breaks. Among the many innovations, this blog will dive into the amazing development of acne patches by Korean cosmetic brands that have made it to the global beauty scene.

So what are these acne patches? How do you use them and what are the benefits?

Let’s dive in.

What are acne patches and what are the benefits?

To describe simply, acne patches are translucent circular sticky patches you apply on target areas to treat intensively. They are made of hydrocolloid, which is that squishy jelly-like substance on band-aids that keep the applied area moist and speeds up healing. The great thing about these are you can apply base makeup over them and hide the breakout better than using a concealer.

The benefits of these acne patches are numerous. Below are some most compelling advantages of using acne patches:

– They help prevent worsening the breakout area by blocking off external pollutants, such as bacteria.

– They help reduce redness and inflammation, and depending on the additional ingredients included in the patch, it may help soothe and even brighten the applied area.

– They prevent you from habitually picking and scratching and popping the acne.

– Overall, they work as a great preventative measure to reduce infections, scaring, and hyperpigmentation.

Acne patches are a much simpler and gentler method for spot treatment than some harsher acne spot treatment products. They are especially a good alternative for those with extra sensitive skin, since harsher treatments can irritate or dehydrate the area and worsen the condition of your acne.

When did the patch trend start? 

Acne patches have been around for at least thirty to forty decades. People have been applying these quick-fix patches in Asian countries, like South Korea before it became a trend in the west in the early 2000’s.

Along with the rise of K-beauty wave in 2010’s, COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches (while not the first) became the most popular acne patch product in the US, and remains to be a best seller since then. It remains to be one of the most repurchased item to this day, and even beating revenues of s products in other skincare categories.

Before we jump into the top 5 most popular acne patches to stock for your business, let’s look at how to apply the patches the best way.

Tips on how to apply the acne patches

Acne patches have the easiest application methods of all the skincare products. They are essentially stickers you stick onto your face. But with all skincare, there are a few things you must know for the best results.

– All great skincare routines start with cleansing. Just like disinfecting wounds before surgery, it is crucial to clean the affected area with gentle cleansing before sticking on a patch.

– Make sure to choose a patch size slightly bigger than the acne or pimple you are about to cover.

– Leave it overnight or throughout the day, but make sure to peel it off gently once it swells up and shows white. This means the patch has absorbed impurities. Repeat step 1 before re-applying a new one if it hasn’t gone away yet.

Bonus tip: If you haven’t seen results, it may be because the pimple is not ‘ripe’ yet. The best way for this patch to work is if the affected area is opened up or weeping. That way the patch can draw out the infection to heal it. In other words, if your acne has a head, this will work for you. If not, it may just be good to cover the area to hide it with some base makeup. But be aware, it may not bring you the skincare results you were hoping for.

Now that you have all the insights of ‘why acne patches,’ let’s jump into the top five Korean acne patches on wholesale at UMMA to stock for your business.

Top 5 Korean acne patches to stock up for your business

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch wholesale at umma

The number one selling skincare patch is the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch. It is a thin, strong patch formed with hydrocolloid, helping treat acne, scars, and pimples. This pimple patch is an overnight repairer to make picked zits, whiteheads, and blackheads disappear by morning.

In addition, this patch works to clear the debris resulting from blackheads and absorbs mess from whiteheads overnight. All these benefits are the reasons behind the popularity of this product, and because of its overnight results, people love to have it as their go-to SOS acne care item. As it is the number one selling skincare patch, the demand is never-ending, which is why it is one of the top Korean skincare products you should invest in for your business.

ACROPASS Trouble Cure

ACROPASS trouble cure wholesale at umma

ACROPASS trouble cure is unlike other patches in the market, and delivers results. This acne patch is created with microneedle technology to deeply penetrate the skin, even if the ‘head’ of the pimple is not showing.

The microneedles ‘puncture’ the skin to heal and also deliver some of the best Korean skincare ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, tea tree leaf oil, salicylic acid, and niacinamide. These top active ingredients help create the best condition for skin to rejuvenate like new. While you may think this ‘puncture’ may hurt, it provides only a tingling sensation, and the needles are dissolved after application.

It’s been declared reviewers on Amazon that it is the best product to help prevent acne when they are still trapped under the skin. Users highly recommend using this product because it shows overnight results in removing acne from your skin. Because of these reviews, most fanatics use this product as an overnight treatment.

SOME BY MI 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch

Some by Mi Clear Spot Patch wholesale at umma

This acne spot patch helps heal pimples or acnes without popping them. As well as this, it protects them naturally without any concealer. These are waterproof and breathable hydrocolloid patches that encourage acne healing by protecting the wound against bacterial infection and absorbing pus.

Reviewers claim Some by Mi’s patches are much thinner than standard, and very adhesive to work quickly for emergency pimple issues.

The Potions Acne Pimple Patch 

The Potions Acne Pimple Patch wholesale at umma

The Potions Acne Pimple Patch is another best product to deal with acne or pimples on your skin. It’s been reviewed by the consumers that it is a highly effective little sticker that works quickly on active pimples.

Reviewers love to use this acne-removing product because it does not leave any destructive drying effects. The satisfaction for this product is not only due to its intended effect of reducing hyperpigmentation and promoting healing. The patch also contains salicylic acid, which helps keep the pore clean and reduces the size of the acne or pimple.

Pyunkang Yul Acne Spot Patch Super Thin 

Pyunkang Yul Acne Spot Patch Super Thin wholesale at umma

Pyunkang Yul is a brand created by Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic that has been researching hanbang skincare methods and acne treatment for over 40 years. Their Acne Spot Patch Super Thin is not an exception when it comes to the brand’s excellency of bringing results.

These patches are also thinner and lighter than the standard patches, and near invisible on skin making them more comfortable to keep on throughout the day. Reviewers rave about how discreet they are compared to other patches, making them the best choice for daytime use.

This hydrocolloid patch contains minimal ingredients to protect and heal the affected area as gently and effectively as possible.

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