Professional Haircare by CP-1 on Wholesale

The best Korean haircare brand that brings professional hair experience home. The demand for CP-1 products is high across the globe because, every minute, at least four products are sold. This is because individuals who are expert hair artists carefully create each product.

Reviews show how the use of each product helps them get salon-ready hair in no time for much less than half the price! This is the main reason why the brand is in such high demand. At UMMA, we are dedicated to helping our members invest in the best of the best. Therefore, we have listed down the five top sellers of CP-1, which are sure to take your beauty business to new heights of success.

Bright Complex Intense Nourishing Shampoo (Protein Shampoo)

Packed with the power of protein to treat damaged hair and dry scalp, the Bright Complex Intense Nourishing Shampoo is a bestseller. Reviews show that it works wonderfully and is light on the pocket. This protein shampoo contains natural oils, amino acids, keratin, and ceramide. The careful quantity of each ingredient ensures optimum hair care for every user, every day!

Additionally, three to four days after washing, users still feel that their scalp stays clean and hair remain smooth. The pleasant scent of the shampoo is another win by CP-1.

Bright Complex Intense Nourishing Conditioner (Protein Conditioner)

To accompany the protein shampoo, this Bright Complex Intense Nourishing Conditioner further protects the hair from external stressors. The added protein protection ensures hair health and that the softness is long-lasting. Reviews show the combination of using the conditioner after using the shampoo is great for every day use.

Premium Silk Ampoule

The Premium Silk Ampoule by CP-1 is great and loved by the users. This leave-in ampoule gives dry and damaged hair a silky and smooth texture that shines. Reviews show that it is easy to apply and does not require further management.

The convenience of using the Premium Silk Ampoule is what makes CP-1 an in-demand brand. Users with dyed and keratin-treated hair find it much more effective. It is especially for those individuals who suffer from damaged hair because of excessive styling and heating.

3Second Hair Fill-Up Ampoule

Everyone can now get salon-ready hair within 3 Seconds with the 3Second Hair Fill-Up Ampoule. This ampoule quickly nourishes and moisturizes damaged hair. Moreover, moisture and hydration are locked on each hair strand making them shinier and softer than is possible to achieve at home.

Ideal for the dry climate, reviews state that the 3Second Hair Fill-Up Ampoule tames dry and frizzy hair. This is great for all types of hair textures. Therefore, it is popular among people with dyed hair, curly hair, and straight hair.

Raspberry Treatment Vinegar

Commonly known as a drop of miracle on the scalp, the Raspberry Treatment Vinegar is magical. Designed to treat the scalp for the ultimate nourished hair, this has quickly become a fan favorite. The gentle scent with active ingredients ensures a clean scalp that also prevents the formation of sebum. Moreover, vinegar actively clears pores of the scalp, which prevents hair damage and promotes stronger hair.

CP-1 Korean Haircare Brand Available for Wholesale at UMMA

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