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ACTIVE NINE ; the brand

Active Nine is a dermatology-inspired skincare solution with nine projects that focus on skin’s natural active cycle and how to keep it healthy. The standards for choosing which projects and products to deliver depends on the following:

1. It must activate the skin
2. It improves the skin’s ability to regenerate
3. It reduces the speed of skin aging
4. It excludes harmful ingredients and contains more active ingredients

You can remember if you participated in the first sunscreen product launch giveaway that the first and most important skincare step is sun protection (the ‘Sun Blah Project‘). The first product – Intensive UV Shield Airy Sun Soothing Essence was created to deliver a strong UV protecting chemical sunscreen with great soothing, hydrating benefits without the white cast or stickiness. This next sunscreen is the perfect alternative for those with sensitive skin looking for a physical sunscreen with soothing, hydrating benefits that shows minimal white cast.

ACTIVE NINE ; Intensive UV Shield Mild Sun Relief Cream

Intensive UV Shield Mild Sun Relief Cream giveaway - exclusively at UMMA

Active Nine Intensive UV Shield Mild Sun Relief Cream is unlike many physical sunscreens. The perks of a physical sunscreen is that the screening ingredients are not absorbed by the skin, causing irritation, but the downfall is that it is quite impossible to reduce the white cast residue. However, this product provides minimal white cast while proven (through clinical testing) to screen at a high level of SPF 50+ PA ++++.

Like Intensive UV Shield Airy Sun Soothing Essence, the Mild Sun Relief Cream is a triple functional sun cream that protects from UV rays, brightens, and provides anti-wrinkle benefits. The formula also contains Phyto Mucin 5 Complex (made up of Fresh Vinegar, Lotus Root, Molochia Leaf, Okra Fruit, and Yam Root Extract) to moisturize and help balance the oil-water control of the skin. It also contains Panthenol for deep hydration and Tea Tree Leaf Extract that’s famous for soothing, anti-inflammatory, and skin regenerating benefits.

ACTIVE NINE ; giveaway

With any purchase at UMMA, you will be able to choose up to 5ea (per person) of INTENSIVE UV SHIELD MILD SUN RELIEF CREAM SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml.

Exclusive Brand Active Nine Giveaway at UMMA

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