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ACTIVE NINE ; the brand

Inspired by dermatological skincare solutions, ACTIVE NINE aspires to provide nine projects that focus on keeping skin’s natural cycle active. And the first project starts with the most important skincare step – sun protection (or the ‘Sun Blah Project’).

What does a natural skin cycle look like?

Imagine the cycle of a storm. The rain clouds gather until the rain falls. And after it clears away, you see bright blue, clear skies. Like the cycle of a storm, healthy skin also has a similar cycle of activation, restoration, and balance. ACTIVE NINE’s vision for the nine projects involve keeping a strict standard in product development that helps maintain this cycle.

The standards are:

  1. 1. It must activate the skin
  2. 2. It improves the skin’s ability to regenerate
  3. 3. It reduces the speed of skin aging
  4. 4. It excludes harmful ingredients and contains more active ingredients

This focus is reflected by the high effectiveness, safe, quality products that is beyond the current market’s standard of ‘affordable’. The brand does not invest on expensive branding and design, but chooses to deliver to the user exactly what the product’s unique qualities are. Like the packaging – it is minimal, and only contain in writing what the product promises to deliver.

ACTIVE NINE hopes to deliver simple, focus products that will clear the ‘storm’ of skin troubles for a long-term healthy skin life.

ACTIVE NINE ; Intensive UV Shield Airy Sun Soothing Essence

ACTIVE NINE’s first product of the ‘Sun Blah Project’ is the Intensive UV Shield Airy Sun Soothing Essence SPF50+ PA++++. Like the title of the product portrays, this lightweight sunscreen feels and moisturizes like an essence. This sun essence provides a strong, clinically tested SPF/PA, yet light enough to re-apply several times a day without the heaviness or stickiness you would think it requires.

The formula contains 60% moisture ingredients, like Allantoin and Aloe Vera that keep your skin’s oil-water balanced, and help soothe and hydrate your skin throughout the day. It also contains patented ingredients, such as Soothing Cooler* that prevents skin aging from heat, and Derma-Clera* that strengthens the skin barrier.

This sun essence is the perfect choice for those looking for a non-sticky, chemical sunscreens that does not contain any harmful ingredients for the skin or environment. And of course, you won’t see any white cast.

While all this sounds extremely attractive, the most exciting part about this unique product is the price. For information about this product, sign in to shop at umma.io or ask us about it at cs@umma.io.

ACTIVE NINE ; giveaway

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