Safe, Healthy Skincare by Dewytree on Wholesale

Dewytree‘s unique approach to the cosmetic industry of using nature’s resources to care for the skin has made it wildly popular in the Korean skincare market in a global scale. The brand offers a non-toxic, dermatologist-approved product line that has become hard to resist for not only the Korean locals but also those around the world. Dewytree helps cure your skin by utilizing and refining natural components for a healthier, more luminous appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the top-selling products by Dewytree on wholesale available at UMMA.

Miracle Pore Minimizing Serum

Packed with Vitamin A, the serum tightens the skin making the pores smaller, refined, and less visible. The tea tree oil cleans all pores of excess oil and debris leaving the skin smooth, fresh, and tight. It is perfect for sensitive skin because of its all-natural ingredients. For these and many other reasons, Miracle Pore Minimizing Serum is DEWYTREE’s bestseller.

AC Control EX Deep Mask

The AC Control EX Deep Mask is a great everyday sheet mask for oily skin. It contains peppermint and papaya extracts, which help to improve skin texture and pores. Due to its naturally derived ingredients, this mask is a wonderful alternative to use regularly. Reviews rave about the freshness of their skin after use, in addition to solving problems of excessive sebum production. The green lightweight mask refreshes and comforts irritated skin.

Hi Amino All Cleansing Milk

Hi Amino All Cleansing Milk has become a daily facial cleansing choice for many skincare fanatics. Its mildly acidic formula maintains the skin’s natural moisture and cleans away all makeup residue, impurities, and daily grime, leaving behind clean and fresh skin. Classified as a non-irritating lotion-cleanser, Hi Amino All Cleansing Milk is highly suitable for sensitive skin. The Korean cosmetic influencers are all in for this cleanser and continue recommending their followers to do the same.

Source best sellers by DEWYTREE on wholesale at UMMA

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