First Cosmetics by A’pieu for Wholesale

A’pieu is the ‘little sister’ brand of Missha. And just as the concept suggests, the brand focuses on providing basic first skin care and cosmetics for young and energetic women aged between 18 to 24 years. Although the brand has a long list of great cosmetics and skincare, some have succeeded in achieving top shelf positions. You can find these products and more by A’pieu for wholesale at UMMA.

Some fun facts about A’pieu; the Madecassoside Series alone has generated over 2 million dollars worth of products in 2020. Whereas, the Mulberry Series sold a quantity of 210K in the same year. Additionally, A’pieu sold over 3 million products total from the Juicy-Pang line as of 2020, according to A’pieu’s website. Over the years since 2015, the brand markets itself as a fun-loving brand for young women. This has resulted in a consecutive 18% increase in the annual average sales every year.

The brand has outdone themselves with making their products desirable to their target audience, even including the extremely reasonable pricing.

So now, let’s take a look at the most recent best sellers by A’pieu.

Pure Block Sunscreen

These sunscreens stole the spotlight once the light formula was uncovered. The best thing about the A’pieu sunscreens is that it does not leave any white cast, which makes them perfect for daily use. Four variations include the Daily Sunscreen, Water Bling, Aqua and Tone-up Sun Cream.

These Pure Block Sunscreens have made it to the list of best sunscreens of 2021 and it is not likely to change in 2022. Skincare gurus claim this range of sunscreens to be the Holy Grail of sun protection without messing up everyday makeup looks. Even, adding to the care before makeup for better looking skin.

Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask

Out of all the good things users have to say about these icing sweet bar sheet masks, most claim that they smell great and leave the skin well moisturized. The Icing sheet masks come in four types namely; watermelon, melon, pineapple, and hallabong. Each one targets a specific skin condition and treats dull skin in just 20 minutes. Reviews on Amazon rave about the results of using the masks just once and the pocket-friendliness makes it a re-buy multiple times.

Milk One-Pack

These Milk One-Pack masks come in seven different flavors and are rich with the goodness of milk proteins. Each mask is hydrating and nourishing leaving the skin to feel bright and supple. The pack that contains all the seven flavors is termed as the ‘best of K-beauty’ on Amazon. For many, the fun packaging and low prices are a great selling point. The seven flavors include strawberry milk, coconut milk, green tea milk, chocolate milk, green tea milk, coffee milk and pure milk.


This line of products by A’pieu has caught much attention around the world since launch, and is still effectively treating damaged and dry skin and high in demand. Since most women aged between 18 and 24 suffer from acne-prone skin, these products have proved to be a lifesaver for many. Out of all the Madecassoside products, the most in-demand is cleansing foam. Reviews on Amazon rave about its effectiveness in treating acne and dryness on young skin. Skincare lovers feel more confident and already making their second or third purchase.

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