Beautiholics’ Choice Rom&nd on Wholesale

Everything from the quality, packaging, and the stunning visuals, allowed rom&nd products to quickly become top sellers across the world. We recommend beauty businesses looking for Korean makeup to get these fan favorite beautiholics’ choice rom&nd on wholesale.

The stunning and creative makeup line of rom&nd was created in collaboration with the YouTube star Saerom Min. Popularly known as Gaeko, this partnership resulted in an explosion in the Korean cosmetic industry.

The following six products have been on the top charts for a while now and will likely stay in 2022.

Beautiholics' Choice Rom&nd on Wholesale at UMMA

Forever Best Sellers

Juicy Lasting Tint

Reviews on Amazon claim that these tints are really juicy! It comes in 16 different shades and leaves the lips feeling soft, supple, shiny, and hydrated. Some makeup lovers are also using it as a tint for the perfect sun-kissed look. When the tint is taken off, it leaves behind a natural-looking tint that lasts longer.

Zero Velvet Tint

The difference between Juicy Lasting Tint and Zero Velvet Tint is the final look. The velvet tint is not shiny but rather has a matte finish. It is smudge-free and cosmetic lovers rave about its ability to last all day. The colors are natural that blend well with all skin colors. There are 17 colors to choose from and each one can be used every day โ€“ for causal and glamorous makeup looks. Reviews on Amazon love how each stain looks light and natural instead of a dark lipstick shade.

Better than Cheek

Better than Cheek by rom&nd is a highly recommended product on Amazon. The available color allows users to add a subtle blush that looks โ€˜all-naturalโ€™. This is especially good for light-colored skin tones. One user claims that she uses this as an under-eye concealer and it works perfectly well.

Better than Palette

Better than Palette comes in four different shades and each one has a unique style. Makeup influencers have been able to create eye-catching and popular eye makeup looks. The palette looks beautiful and the quality is very high. Amazon reviews are filled with praise for the price of the palette but the quality is incomparable.

More Top Sellers

Zero Matte Lipstick

Zero Matte Lipstick by rom&nd is Amazonโ€™s top choice product. It has retained the title for some time now. The color feels natural and light on the lip while hiding all lines. Moreover, the colors are long-lasting come in several great shades. Zero mattes is definitely a game-changer in the lipstick industry.

Glasting Water Tint

The Glasting Water Tint is unique and different from the usual tints available in the market. It gives a shiny-glassy texture with a hint of shade. Amazon reviews rave about how light the water tint feels on the lips however, it looks heavy. The final look is wet lips that are sensual but smooth and non-sticky. Moreover, the shades are unique and the packaging is a big contributor to the purchase of Glasting Water Tint.

Rom&nd is a Great Investment for Your Beauty Business

At UMMA, we have the best-sellers and trend-setters of the Korean skincare and cosmetics industry. rom&nd is one such brand that is available at the most competitive wholesale rates. Register at UMMA and get beautiholics’ choice rom&nd on wholesale to take your beauty business to new heights.

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