BARULAB on Wholesale –  Correcting bad skincare habits

BARULAB is a favorite among skincare fanatics because every product is backed by research. Research that started 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped. BARULAB has solutions to all skin problems that treat, benefit and continue to repair for all time to come. Get the best prices and quick delivery of the most in-demand products of BARULAB on wholesale at UMMA.

The brand’s name comes from the combination of the Korean word ‘baruda’ meaning ‘to do right’ and lab. the brand’s mission is to share with the world how to break bad skincare habits for healthier skin the ‘barulab’ way.⁠

Every product is full of ingredients that are safe for the skin and the results are long lasting. The reason why the results last long are that the ingredients aid in strengthening the skin. Strong skin means high rejuvenation power. These are the main reasons why most products of BARULAB have a high repurchase ratio and are trending in the K-beauty industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the best products by BARULAB.

BARULAB on wholesale at umma

Black Clay Mask & Cleansing Foam

The black clay mask and cleansing foam have active volcanic ash and charcoal. The combination of these two works like a magnet that attracts all the sebum, impurities and dead skin cells. Korean beauty influencers vouch for the black clay mask as it leaves the skin feeling fresh, nourished and brighter.

Black Clay Mask
Black Clay Cleansing Foam

Combining the mask with the cleansing foam, skincare gurus swear by the results. Additionally, Amazon reviews suggest that the mask is a must-buy for all men and women.

BARULAB masks are truly from another world!

The Clean Vegan Mask

BARULAB The Clean Vegan Mask wholesale available on umma.

The clean vegan mask range has 100% vegan ingredients that are pure and gentle on the skin. Vegan skincare is and will be on high demand all through the upcoming years, so we recommend getting these clean beauty masks from BARULAB on wholesale while it’s still available. There is a wide range of these masks, but three of them stand out and are most popular in the skincare industry. These are:


The AHA/BHA clean vegan mask works as if a quick skin reset that provides an instant glow to the skin. The balanced AHA/BHA combination goes deep in the skin and helps in riding the dark spots and acne scars.

Peptide Mask

The peptide is an effective ingredient for skin firming and providing suppleness. The use of this mask increases elasticity while rejuvenating the skin instantly. It is also recommended by skin gurus to target anti-aging.

Vitamin C Mask

The many benefits of vitamin C on the skin are not a secret. The clean vegan vitamin C mask helps in refreshing the skin and adding an incomparable glow. This mask is also great for skin toning and to be used after a tiring day outside.

Greentea Melting Pad

BARULAB Greentea Melting Pad wholesale available at umma

This new product by BARULAB has become an instant hit in the skincare industry. Although it is new, it is trending and skin influencers are raving about the Greentea Melting Pad. The tub contains 150 melting pads that instantly calm down irritated skin. Since the use of these pads is convenient, it reduces the time and hassle of toning the skin every night. Reviews on Shopee claim that it is a great buy because the quantity is high and the price is relatively lower.

Get BARULAB in Bulk!

BARULAB shares with the world products that show results and products that are transparently clean. These are desirable traits for beauty lovers, because that means they listen to their needs. Make the wise decision to invest on these great products available at the most competitive prices at UMMA. Get BARULAB on wholesale today.

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