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Why Professional Makeup Artists Have Switched to K-Beauty Products

Korean skincare and cosmetic products are all the range. K-beauty is officially “in” and it’s a whole new world for casual makeup lovers and professional makeup artists alike.

But what is it about K-beauty products that make them so appealing and popular? Why is this the most recent in a long line of makeup trends? 

We’re here to talk about it so you can decide if you (as a professional makeup artist, a casual consumer, or a retailer) want to make the switch to a K-beauty routine. 

Keep reading to learn why people are choosing the minimalist look of K-beauty right after the full-glam trend.

korean beauty products

It’s So Trendy!

South Korea has been trending in the United States after flying somewhat under the radar for a while in our popular culture. 

Korean pop (or K-pop) has risen to the top of the charts and more and more people are getting invested in Korean street fashion.

Korea tends to be on the top of everything that they do. They’re modern and they come out with products before anyone else. Since they’re on the top of trends, we end up just a few steps behind.

Makeup artists try to stay as trendy as possible. Old makeup looks seem outdated when the looks popularized by Korean actresses and singers have been idealized by the masses. 

In other words, anyone who wants to keep up has had to make the switch. 

The Makeup Is Too Cute

Everyone loves cute packaging, and Korean beauty products are the go-to for that.

American beauty products can have aesthetically pleasing packaging, but they’re sleek and minimal unless the makeup is high-end. High-end makeup has more beautiful packaging, but aside from brands like Too Faced, the packing isn’t “cute”. 

K-beauty makeup and skin products have a monopoly on cute. They come in packaging with sparkles, gems, and even packaging that’s shaped like fruit, snacks, or cute animals. 

It may seem childish, but we’re drawn to good packaging. It’s eyecatching and it’s great for displaying on your vanity or bathroom counter. If you can choose between an undereye cream that’s plain or one that’s in packaging that’s shaped like a panda, which are you going to choose? 

The Products Are Unique

K-beauty has some products that haven’t yet been popularized enough in America to cause the American makeup brands to manufacture them. 

They’re the go-to products for gentle and effective skincare, and they gave us things like lip tints and cushion foundation. They make peel-off lip products that give your lips a long-wearing stain, jelly blushes and highlighters, and so much more. 

There are some looks that you can’t get with western products. 

K-Beauty Products Are Good for the Skin

Everyone knows that Korean skincare is a hot trend right now. The “glass skin” look (for soft and shiny skin) is achieved through the combination of a careful multi-step Korean skincare routine and minimalist makeup. 

Korean skincare has products for a 10-step skincare routine that leaves skin feeling soft, moisturized, and flawless. They have skincare products that people in the states may never have seen before like snail slime moisturizers, sleeping packs, and special serums and exfoliators. 

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Korean makeup would have skincare focus. Why spend all of that time working on your skin if you’re just going to hurt it with makeup?

Korean makeup is less heavy than the previously-trendy full-glam look of the west. They use more tinted moisturizers or low-coverage foundations and choose products that are hydrating.

Makeup may contain anti-aging ingredients, oils, moisturizers, and antioxidants. Because they go for the “balmy” look, these things don’t interfere with the application. 

Foundation, dry-down lipsticks, and other products can be drying and uncomfortable. Some cosmetics contain harmful ingredients that can hurt your skin or your overall health. 

South Korea Is Beauty-Oriented

South Korea has a culture that glorifies beauty. If anyone is going to know how to make cosmetics that can really make someone shine, it’s going to be the Koreans. 

They’re always testing new products and dismissing ones that are outdated (though Americans often get the products after they’re off the shelves in Korea). They want the best of the best to meet beauty standards. 

A culture of people that values aesthetics and innovation is bound to produce cosmetics that can outshine those in the west. 

It’s Minimal 

People got tired of a 50-step full-glam makeup routine. While beauty influencers and YouTubers popularized these looks, they don’t look as good “in real life” and they don’t hold well. 

K-beauty rejects the heavy and cakey look of glam makeup by going minimal. There are tints and gels instead of creams and lipsticks. You can still see the skin underneath but it’s enhanced.

Minimalist beauty is a rejection of the high-coverage trend. Customers have done a full 180. 

It’s Affordable

Korea does have expensive brands (especially if you’re buying from Korea), but many of the products themselves are more affordable than their western counterparts. 

Because so many brands are competing in the Korean market, prices can stay low for many of the more common products. Innovative items will have a higher price point, but in comparison to the products offered in American cosmetics stores, they’re cheap. 

This is doubly effective because of the shorter makeup routine. Fewer products lead to a lower cost

People who have spent hundreds of dollars on popular western brands may appreciate the cheaper option.

Are You Switching to K-Beauty?

K-beauty products are trendy, unique, and affordable. They’re good for your skin and your wallet, and before you know it, all of your clients and customers are going to be asking for it. 

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