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The Best Organic Korean Skin Care Ingredients

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One beauty of Korean organic skin care products is that there’s something for every skin type. Without getting into details, there are five main types of skin: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive.

If you’re a cosmetic reseller – especially an organic K beauty reseller – you’ll want to understand the best ingredients for each of those skin types. That will give you a competitive edge because you’ll be better placed to recommend the best Korean natural beauty products to your customers based on their skin type.

With that in mind, we’ve outlined the best Korean organic makeup, their natural ingredients and the type of skin they are suitable for.

Best K Beauty Ingredients for Normal Skin

Normal skin produces an optimum amount of sebum, which makes it neither too oily nor too dry. It has good blood circulation, too.

In addition to protection against damage, a normal skin needs frequent nourishment. Here are the main Korean natural beauty ingredients that may help with both:

Vitamin C

Known for its powerful antioxidants, vitamin C brings a lot of benefits to the table. For one, it protects the skin against harmful free radicals like pollutants and UV rays. That’s why it’s usually an important ingredient in organic sunscreen products.

In addition to that, vitamin C promotes collagen production. Collagen not only repairs and renews skin cells, but it also improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. That’s precisely why many antiaging organic makeup products are packed with vitamin C. It can also fade acne scars, even out the skin tone and prevent hyperpigmentation.

Most of the best organic Korean skin care products have vitamin C as a primary ingredient. For example, the COMMONLABS Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cream has a perfect mix of pure vitamin C, sea buckthorn water and orange peel extract. Combined, those three brighten and hydrate normal skin, keeping it safe from free radicals and signs of aging.

Bamboo Extract

If you have normal skin, then you sure want to keep it that way. And the best way to do so is using bamboo extract. It contains silica, an organic makeup ingredient that promotes the production of collagen.

Besides improving skin strength and elasticity – both of which delay aging – silica helps to lock moisture in the skin. It’s also great for getting rid of acne scars. That’s why you’ll find it in many Korean beauty products that are designed for people who want to keep their normal skin spotless.

Best K Beauty Ingredients for Oily Skin

Contrary to normal skin which produces an optimum amount of sebum, oily skin produces excess. Because of that, it always looks greasy and is prone to acne breakouts. Luckily, there are several clean Korean makeup products that can correct this. First, let’s look at the essential ingredients for an oily skin.

Salicylic Acid

Korean organic makeup brands widely use salicylic acid, and rightly so. This naturally occurring chemical (extracted from the bark of a willow tree) is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid).

BHAs are commonly used in beauty products alongside alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) because of their exfoliating abilities. However, BHAs – including salicylic acid – do a better job in penetrating skin layers because they are oil-based (compared to AHAs which are water-based).

They are, therefore, effective at controlling acne breakouts and reducing blemishes in oily skins. Take the COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Cleanser, for example. It’s one of the best organic Korean skin care products for people who have an acne-prone, oily skin because it effectively removes excess oil from the skin and thus prevent acne breakouts. While at it, the cleanser will also get rid of dirt.


Propolis is yet another essential ingredient in Korean organic makeup. Also known as bee glue, this gummy, resinous mixture is produced by bees to sterilize their hives. It has powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties

For that reason, propolis can fight infections, heal wounds, soothe irritations and prevent acne breakouts when applied topically. Besides, it can penetrate the skin to hydrate and soften it. Therefore, if your skin is always oily, you can turn to a K beauty product that’s packed with propolis to prevent acne without losing moisture.

Best K Beauty Ingredients for Dry Skin

Dry skin is known to cause irritation because of its flaky and rough texture. You’ll know that your skin is dry when it frequently feels tight. The biggest issue with dry skin is that it can lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines. You can, however, prevent these signs of aging by using a Korean natural beauty product that can moisturize the skin. Here are the main ingredients to look for:

Hyaluronic Acid

Despite the “acid” in its name, hyaluronic acid is actually a naturally-occurring chemical that’s found in our skin. Its primary purpose is to bind moisture in the epidermis, and thus reduce skin dryness. If your body can’t produce enough of it then your skin will develop premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Luckily, you can supplement the body’s supply of hyaluronic acid with a moisturizing agent. Whether it’s a mask, serum, lotion, or cream, it must have a good amount of the acid to hydrate the skin. The trick is to trap and maintain moisture within the epidermis, something that a natural skincare product can do effectively.

One organic K beauty cream that consumers absolutely love is the Innisfree’s Derma Formula Toning Serum. It locks up moisture really nicely to ensure lasting hydration.

Snail Mucin

When snails move, they usually leave a slime known as snail secretion filtrate (SSF) or simply snail mucin. This mucus has become one of the most used Korean skincare ingredients because it moisturizes the skin and promotes collagen production. In addition to reducing dryness, moisturizing the skin maintains its balance, reduces the appearance of blemishes and fights wrinkles. Collagen, on the other hand, is responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. It prevents premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Snail mucin combines the two (moisturizer and collagen production) to form an organic skin care ingredient that not only fights dry skin but also brings antiaging properties to the table.

It’s worth mentioning that Korean makeup brands don’t usually harm or kill snails to harvest slime. Most of the beauty products are, therefore, cruelty-free.

Best K Beauty Ingredients for Combination Skin

Combination skin is called that because it combines oily skin and dry skin. For instance, someone can have dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. The biggest problem with combination skin is that you won’t get the best results by using either dry skin products or oily skin products. Whatever organic makeup you use should cater for both. So, which natural ingredients are good for combination skin?


Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B that can be found in some foods and dietary supplements. Beyond that, you can also get it from certain Korean natural beauty products.

A deficiency of niacinamide can lead to skin disorders (among other issues) like hyperpigmentation, acne, eczema and skin inflammation. You can, therefore, use it to fight many forms of skin inflammation, ease redness, and remove blemishes – all of which are typical to dry skin.

To top it off, niacinamide regulates oil in the skin while at the same time reducing pore size over time and enhancing a brighter tone, which makes it perfect for oily skin. It’s basically one of those “miracle” ingredients that work for dry skin as well as oily skin.

In green Korean skincare, you can get niacinamide in creams, sheet masks, serums, essences and what have you. One good product for your customers is the Purito Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence which boasts 5% niacinamide. Most other organic Korean skincare brands have 2% or less.


If you’ve been keeping tabs of the latest Korean beauty trends, then you probably know about the noni fruit. Native to Polynesia, this yellow-greenish, lumpy fruit has for a long time been used for medicinal purposes. That’s because it’s rich in vitamins A and C, essential acids (linoleic and amino acids), and has antioxidant properties.

For that reason, noni not only nourishes oily skin by repairing its cells but it also works on dry, dull and aging skin. It does so by boosting the skin’s natural ability to produce and repair collagen.

Best K Beauty Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is generally more prone to adverse reactions and inflammation. You may have sensitive skin if it flushes when you use new products or eat spicy food. While it’s not a medical issue, sensitive skin can be very irritating.

The good news is that you can use organic makeup to avoid any adverse reactions. More specifically, here are two Korean natural beauty ingredients to try out:

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica is a plant of many names. It’s also called gotu kola, tiger grass, cica or Asiatic pennywort. The only thing that’s more than its number of names is its benefits to the skin.

From soothing the skin to hydrating and healing it, this organic K beauty ingredient can do it all. It should come as no surprise that it’s been a staple in Chinese traditional medicine for a very long time.

In addition to reducing the reaction of sensitive skin, Centella Asiatica is packed with antioxidants that enhance collagen repair. It’s, therefore, a perfect ingredient for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

You can also use Centella Asiatica to suppress inflammation caused by acne, eczema, and blemishes without further irritating the skin. This super-ingredient will also leave the skin moisturized because it has powerful hydrating properties.

If you’re looking to stock products that have Centella Asiatica, you may want to look at the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Sleepair Ampoule-In Mask. It’s rich in skin-soothing, inflammation-treating Centella Asiatica. To no surprise, it’s one of the most popular and best organic Korean skin care products in the world right now.

Green Tea

Lots of people across the world enjoy the occasional cup of green tea. Besides offering antioxidants, green tea can help with heart health, weight loss, stress and so much more.

When applied topically, green tea is just as good to your skin. For starters, it contains polyphenols; a type of antioxidant that’s rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. For that reason, green tea can soothe skin irritations, treat blemishes and reduce skin redness.

The caffeine in tea reduces puffiness around the eyes. That’s why some people put tea bags on their eyes to get rid of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. You don’t need to go to such lengths, though, because there are tons of Korean beauty products that are rich in green tea. One of them is the Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Eye Cream.

That’s just about everything you need to know about clean Korean makeup ingredients for various types of skin. As an organic K beauty reseller, mastering such seemingly small details will help you serve customers who are looking for the best organic Korean skin care products for specific types of skins.

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