Trending Microneedle Technology of ACROPASS on Wholesale
Trending Microneedle Technology of ACROPASS on Wholesale

For the first time, this K-beauty brand has introduced a new concept that surpasses all skincare techniques. This new path carved by ACROPASS has given the skincare community a new experience with microneedle technology.

The microneedle technology ensures that the unique ingredients directly absorb into skin cells. Unlike other brands that claim excellent absorption, ACROPASS focuses on improving and repairing skin cells. Ultimately, skincare fans experience better skin with one use of the bestselling patches by the brand.

The Micro Needle Patch method was created by biotech researchers who believed in offering more. The belief that the old methods of skincare are not as effective as this biotech technology is the driving force behind the concept of ACROPASS. The following patches effectively pass on the ingredients and target skin problems like never before.

Skincare influencers are in love with ACROPASS microneedle patches and these patches are making rounds around the world in the skincare industry. At UMMA, we focus on handpicking only the best and trending products so you do not have to.

Invest in the following patches by ACROPASSd on wholesale and watch your profits soar:

Trouble Cure 24 Patches

The trouble cure patch does what its name suggests: one solution to four different skin problems. ACROPASS created these patches to treat skin problems by targeting skin cells to rejuvenate, rehydrate and repair. Moreover, the design of these patches includes the microneedle technology, which works as a derma filling technique at home.

These innovative microneedles fill the skin with moisture and premium hyaluronic acid, which is in high concentration. Skincare enthusiasts and reviewers on Amazon find the micro-cones in these patches extremely useful. It aids in pushing out the sebum secretion while filling the skin with useful ingredients.

Spot Eraser 24 Patches

The spot eraser patches are the β€œbest acne patches” by beauty fans. Simple to use and highly effective, these patches by ACROPASS have several five-star reviews on Amazon. Users only need to wash their face, dry it and apply the patch on areas that have dark acne spots. The ingredients target these spots and brighten the skin, effectively reducing dark spots.

Soothing Q 24 Patches

The Soothing Q patches are ideal for soothing insect bites. Often, an insect bite causes inflammation and itchiness, which leaves a scar. However, these patches are highly effective for calming down skin inflammation and redness.

Reviews on Amazon rave about the effectiveness of the Soothing Q patches that are ideal for use in children as well. A mosquito bite is treatable within seconds by applying this patch to the effective area. It instantly relieves the itchiness and redness from the skin, leaving a sense of comfort for people of all ages.

Jolly Philly 2 Patches

Jolly Philly patches are one-of-a-kind lip patches that plump the lips and highly naturally moisturize them. Reviews on Amazon love the product and the concept behind it; however, the downside is that these patches need 30 minutes to do its magic! Skincare lovers do not like the long duration of lip patch application. Nevertheless, since Jolly Philly is its only kind of lip care product in the K-beauty industry, it is a bestseller from ACROPASS.

Calmolin Perfect Relief Serum

The Calmolin Perfect Relief Serum has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon! It has been named the β€œbest relief serum” by several skincare influencers and continues to be the best serum in the skincare industry.

Additionally, people love it and are already on their second and third bottles. They are buying them for their friends and family. Made with effective ingredients that help calm down highly sensitive and damaged skin to calm it down.

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