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Secrets of Asian Eye Makeup – A Softness That Brightens Your Eyes

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Asian eye makeup has been gaining a lot of popularity, so we decided to give our audience what they have been asking for.

Do you know what Asian eye makeup is?

The first thing you need to know is that this makeup is all about creating a sultry look. Asians have a natural beauty, which doesn’t require much. Even though Koreans love the simple look, K-Beauty is the cosmetics and skincare products supplier in the world.

Applying Asian eye makeup is pretty easy because it does not involve many brush strokes. All you need is the right makeup products along with knowledge of good application techniques.

Key Takeaways
• The interest in Asian eye makeup is because of the soft glow it gives to skin by accentuating your natural features.
• The attraction of Asian eye makeup over western makeup is that it’s light and makes you look fresh and young.
• The secrets of Asian eye makeup are the ways eyebrows are shaped, and how liner and eye shadow are applied.
• K-Beauty Recommendations for Eye Brow Pencil: Drawing Eyes Brow Pencil by Etude House and Glam Rock Urban Chick Eyebrow Pencil by Too Cool for School. K-Beauty Recommendations for Eye Shadow Palette: Play Color Eyes in Caffeine Holic by Etude House and Real Quad Palette by eSpoir.
• K-Beauty Recommendations for Eyeliner: 1.5mm Slim-Tech Pencil Liner in Black by CLIO.K-Beauty Recommendations for Lipstick: Ink the Velvet by Peripera and Dear Darling Gel Tint – Ice Cream by Etude House.

Interest in Asian Eye Makeup

So, why is it that there’s so much interest in Asian eye makeup?

Asian eye makeup is quite popular in countries such as Korea, China and Japan. We already know that the K-Beauty skincare routine is the most revered in the world. There was a time when Korean makeup wasn’t all that popular. Western makeup ruled the media, and people waited breathlessly to find out what would trend next.

With the entry of Asian and K-Pop celebrities in Hollywood, Korean makeup has been steadily drawing attention. Unlike western makeup, which is characterized by emphasizing sexiness through deep and bold shades, highlighter, and dark lipstick colors, Korean makeup accentuates the natural skin tone. This has raised the interest in Asian eye makeup and K-Beauty products.

The Attraction of Asian Eye Makeup

What makes Asian eye makeup stand out is the natural beauty of Asians. If you are having trouble with achieving the right effect that will make your eyes appear brighter, then perhaps you are applying your makeup the wrong way.

The biggest attraction of Asian eye makeup is a nude shade. You have probably heard the words “nude makeup,” a trend that was also started by K-Beauty.

Korean makeup uses thin makeup and simple lines to draw attention to the natural features on your face. This is quite different from the strong and intense makeup method of the west.

The true definition of this Asian eye makeup involves the eyelids and eyebrows and the weapons to transform them: eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.

Features of Asian Eye Makeup

Now, let’s talk about the secrets of Asian eye makeup. Are you ready?

The Asian eye makeup tips we are sharing here will teach you how to get that soft look we have been talking about:

It’s all about the eyes, right? The eyebrows are the guardians, and we will start with them first. There are many types of eyebrows. Asian ones tend to be straight, and, therefore, they are given a more drawn-out look.

  • The key is eyebrow drawing with straight eyebrows angled upwards.

Asian eyes are almond in shape, and eye makeup is applied to make the eyes look large.

  • The key is to apply eye shadow with an Ombré effect because we are not adding dimensions.

As for the eyeliner, you need to play with the slant.

  • If you are going for a cat-eye look, create a high, sharp wing that’s thicker on the outer end. Use your eyebrow pencil to smudge a little shade underneath the lower lid. If you are going for a simple look, then a thin line with a small upward tilt will do.

Tips for Successful Asian Eye Makeup

Here are a few Asian eye makeup application techniques that will help you create the perfect look:

  • When applying eye shadow, start with the darker shade closer to the eyelid line. Then, make it lighter as you go upwards.
  • When applying eyeliner, pull your eyelid skin upwards with your fingers and create a straight line. Then, fill in the gap. You can either create a winged look with the downward slant on the inner corner of the eye and a dramatic effect on the outer corner. You can also keep it simple with no wing.
  • For the lips, use a dark orange-shade for a sultry look and light, glossy pink for an innocent look.

Recommendations for Successful Asian Eye Makeup

Now that you know how to get that soft look, the one that has made Asian eye makeup so popular, all you need to do is buy the right makeup products. From the eyebrow pencil to the eyeliner, eye shadow palette for that Ombré effect and the lip color, look into brands that started this makeup trend: K-Beauty.

Following is a list of top Korean makeup products that you can easily find on UMMA:

Drawing Eyes Brow Pencil by Etude House

The Drawing Eyes Brow Pencil by Etude House comes in a rectangular tip. The narrow side allows you to create exquisite eyebrows expression and the broadside allows you to fill in with heavy strokes. The pencil contains Vitamin E, which moisturizes your eyebrows and makes sure that the color blends in smoothly. The pencil is paraben-free, smudge-free and can resist high temperatures. So, whether it’s a scorching day or a windy night, you will have spot-on eyebrows. The shades available include dark brown, choco brown, natural brown, light brown and ash brown. For darker shades, you can try the Drawing Eyes Brow Hard Pencil.

Glam Rock Urban Chick Eyebrow Pencil by Too Cool for School

The Glam Rock Urban Chick Eyebrow Pencil by Too Cool for School comes in different black and brown shades. The color of the pencil offers high pigmentation, which allows you to create natural-looking eyebrows. The pencil contains soybean oil and other complex ingredients, which make the application quite soft. This also makes the application smudge-free and long-lasting. One of the best things about this pencil is that the pencil has a comb on the other end, which allows you to easily whip your eyebrows into shape. This eyebrow pencil also has a rectangular applicator.

Play Color Eyes in Caffeine Holic by Etude House

The Play Color Eyes by Etude House is a 10-color eye shadow palette called “Caffeine Holic.” The name of the palette says a lot about the shades it offers. The warm and dark hues of coffee allow you to create that Ombré effect we have been talking about. The eyeshades have a silky and soft texture, 5 of which are shimmery and the rest nude. All of the shades have been given unique names such as Decaf Coffee, Black with Extra Shot, Salted Caramel Latte and Coffee to Go, No Syrup. The pearl to base shades are long-lasting and have strong adherence.

Real Quad Palette by eSpoir

The Real Quad Palette by eSpoir includes two portable eye shadow palettes, all in soft shades. For a brighter, more colorful Ombré effect, you should pick the Rosy Flat palette, and for a striking effect, the Orange Fever palette. Each palette contains four shades of the same color. The rose colors give a pearly and dewy look that will give your eyes a wide-eyed and innocent look. It will soften your face and make your eyes stand out with the liner in full effect.

1.5mm Slim-Tech Pencil Liner in Black by CLIO

For a long-lasting wing, the 1.5mm Slim-Tech Pencil Liner in Black by CLIO is one of the best Korean liners on the market. The reason why this liner made it onto our list is that it meticulously fills the lash line and is smudge-free. The liner is available in two classic shades: black and brown. The powerful and seamless formula of this liner stays on for a long time, minimizes irritation and does not leave any flakes. After the application, the liner dries and gives a matte finish and sophisticated look.

Ink the Velvet by Peripera

The Ink the Velvet by Peripera offers a velvety matte finish. This lipstick is enriched with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, organic jojoba oil, olive oil and arnica extract that help both moisture and color last longer. Some of the tints have a fruity smell and some floral. The tint is soft on application and lightweight in texture. The matte touch is a powdery finish that is free of fine lines and clumps. The color is smudge-resistant and long-lasting and won’t fade away even after a 3-course meal. The best thing about this tint is that it can be applied on the lips, as well as cheeks. This velvet tint line by Peripera has 16different shades, from pastel pink to deep red.

Dear Darling Gel Tint – Ice Cream by Etude House

For a glossy finish, the Dear Darling Gel Tint – Ice Cream by Etude House is the perfect color for your lips. As mentioned earlier, there’s no hard and fast rule in Asian makeup when it comes to lipstick. The tint is enriched with soapberry extract and plenty of minerals and vitamins. It can be described as pretty soft and fragrant. Each shade offers you two types of applications: applying a small amount will give your lips a color-kissed look and for a more daring look, go a little heavy.


We have given you multiple options so that you can easily create both the looks we have mentioned above. For a warm look but with a hint of daring, you can use the Drawing Eyes Brow Pencil by Etude House, Play Color Eyes in Caffeine Holic by Etude House, 1.5mm Slim-Tech Pencil Liner in Black by CLIO, and Ink the Velvet by Peripera. Play with your natural looks for a soft look, and use Glam Rock Urban Chick Eyebrow Pencil by Too Cool for School, Real Quad Palette by eSpoir, 1.5mm Slim-Tech Pencil Liner in Black by CLIO and Dear Darling Gen Tint – Ice Cream by Etude House.

If you are a wholesaler, partner with UMMA to keep track of the latest products from the brands mentioned in this blog post. To get the latest news about K-Beauty Asian makeup products, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also sign up to get access to the full list of brands we offer.