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Korean Nude Makeup

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Makeup fads are fleeting and thank goodness for that! Remember the time when those so-called “nose lashes” were introduced?

Who were the creators kidding? Don’t we already have enough nose hair that we would think about stuffing an artificial pair into our nostrils? That was a complete disaster and no wonder they didn’t catch on.

The list of our “Ten Worst Makeup Trends” is quite long but the top three atrocities that were committed in the name of makeup were pencil-thin eyebrows (we like to call them the Cruella de Vil look), bronzer overload (an attempt to look like a sin-kissed goddess, which resulted more in a Ross-like look than Monica) and the heavy lower lash line makeup (no, just no).

You are probably thinking about reevaluating your makeup shelf after reading this and you should. People, nowadays, are more interested in brighter, bold or nude colors. Throw in a little shimmer and they are able to create the perfect look. So, chances are that people coming to your shop will ask for makeup palettes that have light colors and warmer undertones.

The new rule of makeup is, “Less is better.” We don’t mean applying minimal makeup but the type that accentuates natural features instead of hiding them. This is where nude makeup comes in. It’s the Holy Grail of looking natural and beautiful in your own skin without any embellishments.

Let’s dive a little deeper to find out about this popular makeup trend… which by the way, is what celebrities like Kim Kardashian built their business empire KKW Beauty around. So, better hop on the train because the nude makeup trend will never die.

What Is Nude Makeup?

makeup eye shimmer

According to our knowledge, nude makeup started in the 90’s. Back then, the word nude translated to “peach” and “beige.” Just a few years later, big brands like Huda Beauty and Fenty Beauty introduced their nude makeup lines. Today, every makeup brand has a line of beige shades that allow women of all complexions to apply makeup that blends well with their skin.

Nude makeup varies in light, muted shades but the makeup itself is inspired by your skin’s natural color. This involves your face skin tint, lips and eyelids. The pure beige shade does not suit all people, which is why this line of makeup has evolved. Some people have an extremely light skin tone and using a lighter shade will give a washed out look.

Choosing Your Nude Makeup Collection

Companies like Umma offer high quality K-Beauty products from some of the top Korean makeup brands. The nude makeup line offered by these brands is pretty extensive, which includes base, bronzer, eyeshades, lipsticks, contour kits and more. When it comes to nude makeup, the devil is in the details… or more accurately your natural look is in the application.

Today, nude makeup extends beyond shades of beige. It involves all neutral colors such as rose, baby pink, dusk orange, etc. For a nude look, the basics one needs are a foundation which is close to their natural skin color, blush with a light tint, a lipstick shade that matches their lip color or neutral lip gloss, lightly lined eyes and, finally, a heavy application of mascara. Make sure to stock makeup that not only matches different skin tones but their hair color and overall complexions too.

Here’s a collection with different makeup products that will give you an idea of what you need to have in order to offer the nude look:

  • A beige-colored, transparent face powder
  • Dark brown eyeliner
  • Black Mascara
  • Nude eye makeup in shades of golden brown, peach, beige and pink
  • Chestnut and coral blush
  • A beige-colored lipstick

While nude makeup is a completely different line, you will often hear the word “neutral” in its place. This makeup type also offers a nude makeup look but the difference between these two is that the former is all shades of brown and beige and the latter encompasses all colors of the rainbow. The focus of neutral makeup is to use light shades but not muted ones. It includes a pop of color and therefore colors like red, yellow, blue and purple are used more.

The Trend of Nude Makeup

Without going into detail, let’s take a look at the trend of nude makeup:

  • Barely-there foundation
  • Neutral eye shadow
  • A light swipe of eyeliner
  • Gradient brows
  • Coral lips

Combine this with a sleek pony tail with a side parting, a simple dress, nude pumps and a blazer – and people can nail the look.

Keep in mind that the nude makeup trend is not about going barefaced. The Chicago Tribune published an interview that took place with James Vincent ― a makeup artist who has created a name in Hollywood by offering his services to some of the biggest celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Jane Fonda, Kristen Shaughnessy and more.

When asked, “Why is the nude look popular now?”

James said, “We see the nude look make its appearance from time to time in the fashion industry. I think people follow this trend when they are seeing something too much. The very big eyebrows, goop of mascara, and in-your-face foundation can only work so much. At one point, they are met with backlash. There have been TV-shows that ended by left a lasting impression, which led to several brands starting their nude makeup lines. Mostly, nude makeup is a reaction to the models and celebrities we see on social platforms such as Instagram and in reality TV.”

Korean Nude Makeup

Korean nude makeup offers a professional and polished look that’s captivating enough to boogie in the bedroom and at the bar. That’s a win in our makeup dictionary!

This makeup category is a league of its own. In fact, if you go online and search for “Korean nude makeup,” you will find several blogs outlining how people can achieve the look. You have probably binge-watched Korean shows on Netflix and had two thoughts running on loop in your head – when is the guy going to propose to the girl and how the hell do all the girls have this fresh-faced, flawless look!

If you have watched “Entrepreneurial Age” then you know what we are talking about. The series follows Guo Xiannian, a software developer’s entrepreneurial journey and his love story with Na Lan. Not only is the show pure cinematic gold, for which it has received great reviews, but it has also become a hot topic due to Na Lan’s makeup. Despite the show being Chinese, the aesthetics are akin to a Korean drama.

The Mother of All Korean Nude Makeup Brands – Umma

The Korean word “Umma” means “Mother” in English, which is an apt description of the setup this company has for brands selling makeup. Umma nurtures its partnerships with makeup brands like a mother. Their aim is to help all kinds of businesses grow, regardless of their size. From online social sellers to shop retailers and big wholesalers, we assist businesses in their efforts to spread their operations inside, as well as outside, Korea.

It was in 2014, when B2Link, Umma’s parent company, started offering its distribution services to K-Beauty Brands. As the years passed, Umma became the sole makeup distributor and expanded and reached countries including China, US, UK, Japan, Russia and more. The expansion was so smooth and successful that through Umma, Amazon and Costco became the largest K-Beauty distributors.

One of the core values of Umma is “K-Beauty Simplified.” This enables them to offer convenient, hassle-free and an all-in-one place for businesses to grow. The steps to K-Beauty success are pretty simple ― sign up and become a partner. We already have numerous powerful nude makeup brands under one roof such as The Face Shop, Etude House, Tony Moly, COSRX, and more.

Nude makeup application takes a lot of effort. However, with the right nude makeup palette, people can achieve that fresh and wholesome look in a matter of minutes. Since this makeup trend is all about being minimal, it’s basically a swipe here and a swipe there, and they are done… which means all they need is a nude makeup brand that can offer them the products we have listed in this blog. That’s where you come in.

So, what are your thoughts on becoming a part of the nude makeup trend? With celebrities promoting the “natural” look, your foray into the nude makeup market in K-Beauty will bring you great business. Some of the top nude makeup brands that Umma can connect you with include Innisfree for face powder, Hera for foundation and blush, Etude House for concealer, VDL for eye shadow, Holika for eyebrows, The Face Shop for highlighter, and Missha for lipsticks.

Partner with Umma to keep track of the latest trends and source products from the above mentioned brands at competitive, wholesale prices. To get the latest news about K-Beauty products, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. It only takes a second!

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