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Best Korean Makeup Brands of 2020

best korean makeup brands

Radiant, smooth, dewy, youthful, healthy, flawless; those are just a few adjectives that are often used to describe K beauty. They are all accurate because Korean makeup products feature ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin.

Most of them are naturalistic, too. They’re packed with peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and everything nice (for the skin). Add the fact that Korean makeup brands offer absolutely great value for money and you’ll see exactly why K beauty is changing the cosmetic game.

If you’re a makeup reseller, it’s only natural that you stock some of these beauty products. You’ll not only make a killing, but your customers will love the results. But what is the best Korean makeup? We’ve rounded up the top 10 best Korean makeup brands.

1. Tony Moly

Tony Moly gets its name from the English word “tony” and the Japanese word “moly”. Curious? Well, “tony” means stylish in English while “moly” is the Japanese word for putting something in a box.

That pretty much sums up what Tony Moly is famous for. It has some of the cutest, wackiest, and most stylish K beauty products. This, obviously, makes it one of the most attractive Korean makeup brands to the youth.

Beyond the charming packaging, TonyMoly is the go-to brand for derma-products. Founded in 2006, this Korean cosmetic company creates makeup products that can treat individual skin conditions. The Tony Moly Pureness 100 Placenta Mask Sheet, for example, is packed with vegetable placenta extracts that can treat dry and damaged skin.

Best Korean Makeup Products by Tony Moly



TonyMoly’s Mayu line of products is actually great for hydrating and soothing the skin, so is the Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack. However, the Tony Moly DELIGHT TONY TINT is one to pick out for everyone looking for Tony Moly as a makeup brand.

2. Etude House

You’ve probably seen Etude House Moistfull Collagen Creams sweeping the internet. They are among the many sensational K beauty products from this Korean makeup brand.

More than anything, the Moistfull Collagen line embodies everything that Etude House is all about: strong performance and colorful packaging.

One feature of Etude House’s K beauty products is that most of them – including emulsions, toners, essences, creams and sleeping masks – are enriched with at least 30% collagen. They’re, therefore, excellent at hydrating the skin, improving its elasticity and enhancing a youthful look.

And they come in arguably the cutest bags you’ll ever see. The mostly pink and girly packaging makes Etude House one of the best Korean makeup brands for young girls and ladies. If you’re a makeup reseller who has been looking for ways to attract this demographic, then stocking Etude House products is one of the many cosmetic marketing strategies to consider.

Best Korean Makeup Products by Etude House



The Etude House Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream is offers a lot more in terms of skin healing properties.
But if you want distinctive makeup product from Etude House, then the Etude House Shine Chic Lip Lacquer is a fan favorite because it gives lips extra glossy and vivid texture.

3. The Face Shop

If there was a list of cheap Korean makeup brands, The Face Shop would probably sit atop. Not cheap in quality, just price. In other words, you get absolute bang-for-buck when you buy The Face Shop K beauty products.

Their BB cream has a cult following all over the world. That’s because The Face Shop put real effort to ensure that their products are as natural as possible. They mostly use plant extracts like lavender, seaweed, omega fatty acids and mango seed.

For that reason, the Face Shop’s makeup products not only deliver amazing results but they are also safe. Their sheet masks are especially excellent for cleansing the skin and treating multiple skin conditions.

Best Korean Makeup Products by The Face Shop



The Face Shop’s BB Cream is an obvious pick. However, their DESIGNING EYEBROW PENCIL is also an essential product. The square-flat type of brow makes it easy for anyone to make natural brow makeup.

4. 3CE

3CE stands for Three Concept Eyes. Launched back in 2009, 3CE is a K beauty brand that’s produced by Stylenanda. The latter is a famous Korean cosmetic and fashion company.

Out of all Korean makeup brands, 3CE has probably won the hearts of the youth more than any other. Its makeup products feature very vibrant colors that don’t fade away easily. It’s the kind of stuff that Instagram was made for.

While that’s great already, 3CE’s real reputation is in skin brightening products. Most of the company’s creams are designed to safely brighten the skin and even out skin tones.

Best Korean Makeup Products by 3CE

3ce Mood Recipe Face Blush

Mood Recipe Face Blush

Not many Korean makeup products are as good as 3CE’s White Milquidro Cream when it comes to brightening the skin. It’s definitely a must-have K beauty makeup cream.

That said, the 3CE single blusher is arguably more popular. It makes more sense to have more of it in stock. It comes in a variety of flattering shades.

5. Missha

Missha is yet another frontrunner in cheap Korean makeup brands. Again, “cheap” strictly refers to price and not quality. If anything, Missha’s long history in the cosmetic industry has only worked to the brand’s advantage.

Founded in 2000, this Korean makeup brand takes the lead in makeup ampoules and creams. That’s down to the fact that they don’t just focus on appearance, but performance as well. Thus, it’s a great Korean makeup brand for skin-treating products.

Most of Missha’s products – including the world-famous Tonight Brilliance Boosting Essence – are packed with anti-acne, antioxidant, cell-communicating, exfoliating and skin-brightening ingredients like niacinamide, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract, pearl extract, adenosine, gluconolactone etc.

Missha really is the equivalent of SK-II, but with more favorable price tags.

Best Korean Makeup Products by Missha



Missha’s BB cream is undoubtedly the most popular K beauty product from the brand. It works as a foundation, primer and serum.

You’ll get even better results when you use it alongside the Missha Airy Fit Sheet Mask. Put the sheet mask overnight and then apply the BB cream the following morning for the best results.

6. April Skin

If you’ve been keeping tabs of Korean beauty trends for the past decade or so, chances are you know all about April Skin’s Magic Snow Cushion. This foundation hit the shelves in 2015, roughly one year after April Skin was founded. It was such a hit that it put April Skin among the best Korean makeup brands.

Why? Because this K beauty brand mostly used (and still uses) organic ingredients that actually work. They include mineral water, titanium dioxide, niacinamide, Vinyl Dimethicone (extracted from natural silicon) Jeju Cherry, charcoal and many more.

The result? April Skin has some of the best serum-based moisturizers of any Korean makeup brand. They not only hydrate the skin, but they also tackle imperfections like acne scars and blemishes. Their skin-brightening creams are decent as well.

And yes, April Skin’s products are cruelty-free, too.

Best Korean Makeup Products by April Skin



April Skin’s Real Calendula series is a must-have in your K beauty arsenal. It includes the Peel Off Pack, Deep Moisturizer, and Form Cleanser.

Beyond that, the April Skin Perfect Magic Snow Cream is an excellent pick for brightening the skin and adjusting skin tone.

7. Moonshot

Korean makeup looks more astonishing when you play with its color palettes. For the individual who likes to experiment with colors, there’s no better K beauty makeup brand than Moonshot.

Launched in 2014, Moonshot specializes in vivid, edgy colors that come in a variety of shades. From bright tints to bases, you’ll get everything you need for the lips, eyes, cheeks and the entire face.

They have products for men, too. That’s a welcome approach seeing as many cosmetic makers don’t have products that are tailored for guys.

Best Korean Makeup Products by Moonshot

moonshot Micro Glassy Fit Cushion Foundation SPF50+ PA++++

Micro Glassy Fit Cushion Foundation SPF50+ PA++++

The Micro Glassyfit Cushion is one of the most loved Korean makeup products. Rightfully so because it’s a triple threat. It’s a cushion foundation that whitens the skin, protects it against UV rays and provides anti-wrinkle benefits.

Individuals who love to play with colors will also love the rêve de Paris Eyeshadow Palette.

8. Too Cool for School

Just like Moonshot, too Cool for School is for people who don’t mind pushing the K beauty envelope. This artistic Korean brand was established for people who want to get creative with makeup.

And it does that superbly. For one, Too Cool for School’s products look as artsy as their ingredients are natural. From egg face masks to dinosaur-themed mascaras, every single product brings beauty with a twist.

The best part? Too Cool for School categorizes its products into 12 groups. Each group contains products for specific styles, looks and even personalities. Therefore, you can pick one category that you relate with the most or you can be the daring individual who wants to experiment beyond their comfort zone.

Either way, each product and each category brings a unique look and feel.

Best Korean Makeup Products by Too Cool for School

too cool for school GLAMROCK MISTY ROSE


There’s something about the Too Cool for School Glamrock Misty Rose (lipstick) that makes it aesthetically pleasing. It could be the soft matte texture or the varying shades of reddish-rose. Regardless, it’s a must-have K beauty lipstick.

9. Holika Holika

Most Korean makeup brands are all about the proper health and appearance of the skin over color cosmetics. Too Cool for School and Moonshot are among the few that deviate from that trend. Then there’s Holika Holika which offers a nice blend of both.

You can tell that it’s the most fun of all Korean makeup brands just by the origin of its name. Holika combines the English suffix “-holic” – which means addiction – with the Korean word “holida” – which means temptation. It was founded by Enprani, a cosmetic company that was established by Samsung & CJ Group.

The main aim of Holika Holika is to provide high-quality K beauty makeup products that can make the makeup process fun. How does the company achieve its high standards? By partnering with the SALK Institute.

The latter is an institution for biological studies. One of its areas of focus is cell cultivating technology, which when used in cosmetic products, provides skin healing and restoring properties.

Of course, Holika Holika adds a little bit of fun by availing a variety of products in exciting colors.

Best Korean Makeup Products by Holika Holika



Holika Holika’s Lash Correcting Mascara is one of the greatest fixers of eyelashes. It offers an amazing curl, thus, it’s always good to have it in your stash. But if you told a real K beauty enthusiast to pick just one Holika Holika product, chances are they’ll go for the Piece Matching 12 Colors Shadow Pallete. This eyeshadow pallete has several highly pigmented colors, which can only mean more experimenting and more fun.


A Pieu is actually a brand of Missha; call it Missha’s younger sibling, if you will. It was established in 2008 and is mostly aimed at younger K beauty enthusiasts.

The name A’Pieu is actually a combination of the English letter ‘A’ which means first and the French word ‘Pieu’ which means foundation and basics. That’s the whole point of A’Pieu’s products: they are designed to rejuvenate and enhance the inner cells of a young skin.

The good folks at A’Pieu hold that a young girl’s skin should be gentle and look natural. To no surprise, most of their products are over 95% natural because organic ingredients work like a charm on the human skin.

You’ll often find ingredients like snail secretion filtrate, milk protein, vitamins, hyaluronic acid etc. in A’Pieu’s makeup products. These are all beneficial to skin cells in multiple ways.

Best Korean Makeup Products by A’Pieu



It is difficult to rank among A’pieu’s makeup products. However, a vivid color and glossy JUICY PANG TINT that seems to burst into fruity is, of course, the most popular product of A’pieu.

As you can see, K beauty brands have something for everyone and for every need. The trick for cosmetic resellers is identifying the target audience and knowing what to stock.

At UMMA, we don’t just provide K beauty products at affordable rates, we also offer cosmetic resellers all the helpful tips and trends in Korean makeup products and brands. If you are a beauty products dealer, our team of experts and enthusiasts is eager to help you expand your business with the best Korean makeup brands of 2020.

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