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An Introduction to K-Beauty Makeup

K-Beauty makeup

The current K-Beauty market scenario is facing incredibly speedy changes when it comes to the latest trends and products. If you’re in the beauty industry, you must (now more than ever) be fully aware of these developments, prepared to tend to your customer’s needs. Most importantly, you must anticipate these demands by having all the latest and trendiest K-Beauty brands and products well-stocked.

For this guide, we prepared an in-depth and comprehensive K-Beauty Makeup review. We will cover a brief introduction about the K-Beauty industry as a whole, and its impact on today’s business scenario, as well as a detailed, step-by-step presentation of K-Beauty Makeup products and their competitive features.

Finally, if you think this guide will only be helpful to those who are already dealing with K-Beauty Makeup products, do stick around. By the end of this review, you will have more than enough proof as to why K-Beauty products are here to stay. So, if you aren’t already), you should most definitely consider them as the next addition to your beauty portfolio.

K-Beauty Industry – An Introduction

In 2018, South Korea stormed its way into the beauty industry by reaching a record-breaking 6.89 trillion South Korean won (or 5.48 billion USD) in K-Beauty exports. The highest demand came from within the Asian market (most specifically China), but K-Beauty has already started to display a consistent Western presence, as well.

While the bulk of these exports came from the skincare sub-niche, makeup products amount to respectable numbers, as well. To have a better understanding of exactly how much the industry has grown, let’s make a small comparison between two fairly common K-Beauty makeup products: eye makeup products and lipsticks – side by side along with their numbers from 2009 and 2019.

  • In 2009, Korean Eye Makeup amounted to 16.4 million USD, while Korean Lipsticks reached 4.3 million USD in exports.
  • In 2019, Korean Eye Makeup reached a stunning 178 million USD in exports, with Korean Lipsticks amounting to 168 million USD.

There are very few industries out there that can boast a 1000% growth in just ten years with one single commodity. Now, you might be wondering, since South Korea isn’t the only beauty venue in the world, nor is it one of the pioneers, then why is it that the K-Beauty hype train is speeding on a non-stop rampage?

Keep on reading to find the answer to that question. Spoiler Alert: you should seriously consider hopping on while you still have the upper hand.

Korean Makeup Features.

At this point, you realize that the K-Beauty industry is a force to be reckoned with – that much is obvious. However, what about Korean Makeup, specifically? What are their features, and why are they growing so fast?

Well, first of all, they are now ubiquitous. That’s right. Korean Makeup has conquered the Western hemisphere, and, as of today, you can find them virtually anywhere. From department stores like Target and Nordstrom to beauty companies such as Sephora and Ulta (and everywhere in between). Korean makeup is no longer an underground niche, but rather, it has become a commodity. Hint: if you are not a reseller yet by the end of this article, plenty of other competitors will be.

Secondly, unlike most Western brands who have reached a plateau of comfort by ranking high in customer fidelity, Korean Makeup brands are continuously being challenged. Korean women make one of the most demanding market segments in the entire world. As such, makeup labs must reinvent themselves on the go, with brand-new formulations and natural ingredients. The result? A market niche that improves upon itself, every single day.

Lastly, and just as importantly, there is the matter of customer resonance. It is no secret that customers are more likely to repeat an experience that had some form of personal resonance with them – think of it like a deep and meaningful connection. After all, buyers today don’t purchase products. Instead, they deal with experiences and ideas.

Nowadays, it becomes a bit harder to establish customer fidelity since buyers (especially Millenials) prefer to have several options along with the power of choosing which one to use next. These consumers are also very concerned about the environment and tend to prioritize companies that work with natural ingredients. Even a small detail, like packaging, could make or break the purchase deal.

Unlike most Western brands that approach makeup and beauty as something uniquely glamorous and, sometimes, even unreachable, Korean Makeup packaging tends to be a lot more playful and filled with joy. With this refreshing market strategy, their products seem far more accessible and inclusive to the general public.

An Introduction To Korean Makeup

Now that you know more about the Korean approach to beauty and the core concepts of K-Beauty makeup products, it’s the perfect time to begin a detailed Korean Makeup Guide.

1. Primer

Unlike Western brands, Korean primers will always aim to create a dewy and pearly look – which is possible due to the added moisture packed inside. As such, most primers come with an embedded moisturizing emulsion, like the VDL Lumilayer Primer.

You will boast a delicate and violet gloss made of finely milled, red and blue pigments, a.k.a. VDL Pearls. These blendable pearls will add more dimension to your genetic features, and they will correct facial discolorations. Most importantly, they will enhance all the following makeup applications by magnifying your natural beauty.

2. BB Cream

BB Creams are not exactly newcomers to the beauty market, but you’d be surprised at how many people still don’t know what it is. In simple terms, a BB cream is an all-in-one product that combines a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation – plus anti-aging benefits.

Applying BB cream on your face will establish the makeup coverage. There are two possible coverage effects: light and natural or strong and bold. For the first type, use your fingertips. Now, for the second kind, use a sponge. For three of the most popular skin hues, make sure to try the Skin79 Animal BB Cream series:

  1. Skin79 Animal BB Cream Dark Panda – Brightening Light Beige.
  2. Skin79 Animal BB Cream Dry Monkey – Moisturizing Beige.
  3. Skin79 Animal BB Cream Angry Cat – Soothing Petal Beige.

3. BB Cushion

A BB cushion is a sponge soaked with a BB cream or formula, slightly more watery and lightweight. They are perfect for quick touch-ups on the run. Usually, they already contain SPF and come in several skin tones. An undisputed sales champion, with more than 15 million pieces sold worldwide, the Laneige BB Cushion series comes in three models:

  1. Laneige BB Cushion Whitening: dual whitening skincare for a brighter finish
  2. Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control: for sebum control, extra moisture, and a matte finish
  3. Laneige BB Cushion Anti-Aging: say goodbye to facial blemishes and fine lines – while aiming at a smooth finish with complete skin coverage

All Laneige BB Cushions include a 50+ SPF.

4. Korean Eye Makeup

Korean women treat their eyes a little differently than Western women. In South Korea, a more simplistic, cleaner look is the way to go. When it comes to eyeshadow, they only cover the eyelid, instead of going all the way to the brow.

In Korean Eye Makeup, you will usually find pinkish palettes with lots of sparkles to widen the eyes, getting an intense look. However, the ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Caffeine Holic eyeshadow brings a deliciously refreshing 10-color palette to the table. From Decaf Coffee to Extra Caffeine, all ten hues are deep, pearly, and long-lasting – ideal for both daily routines and parties.

Of course, no Korean Eye Makeup kit would be complete without an eyeliner – the final tool required to achieve that world-famous “lost puppy look.” The ETUDE HOUSE Waterproof Eyeliner #1 (Black) is an excellent and sturdy addition to your purse.

5. Korean Lip Makeup

In South Korea, the Gradient Lip Look is always a safe, yet trendy choice. First, you need to cover your lips with a concealer. Now, place a bit of lip tint on the inner part of your mouth and disperse it a little outwards to create a gradient.

Popular choices are the glossy corals, pink hues, and cherry red lip tints. Make sure to try the Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint, one of South Korea’s best selling Korean Lip Makeup options – available in four different colors, inspired by sparkling fruit ade. This highly-pigmented lip makeup is sure to last throughout your entire, busy day.

Unlike most Western trends, Korean Lip Makeup doesn’t heavily rely on lipsticks, but rather, they prioritize lip tints for their versatility. However, if you still favor lipsticks, then the ETUDE HOUSE Blooming Lips lipstick is one of the safest choices. With a finish that usually lasts for an entire day, this lipstick will leave your lips feeling creamy and moist while maintaining a matte look.

6. Korean Mascaras.

Korean women usually coat both the top and bottom eyelashes to create a bolder impression with intense-looking eyes. Mascaras are a bit more heavy-duty than Western brands because the Korean lash length tends to be on the shorter side.

With that said, mascaras are usually a bit harder to remove, but of course, the real advantage is that most of them are waterproof and built to last all day, like the ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara.

If you have straight and short eyelashes, you know how difficult it is to achieve that curly finish, especially without a curler. The two-side wand in this mascara is just glam, allowing you to coat the base with the short end while finishing the tips with the long end.

Final Thoughts

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