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Unleashia the brand

While it’s all fun and sparkles, most glitter makeup brands are not conscious of the impact glitter can have its surroundings. Whether it be the earth, your health, or even animals, consumers now understand the consequence of choosing the right brand for your glitter needs.

Unleashia is Korea’s top trending PETA-certified vegan, cruelty-free, skin safe makeup brand that specializes in glitter magic. The glitter is biodegradable, and the package eco-friendly. The brand’s long-term goal is to become completely eco-conscious.

The thing about glitter is that if the formula does not provide the proper ratio of glitter and adhesion, it may wear off too quickly, or apply too chunky. Unleashia provides a golden ratio of these two factors to deliver smooth, sparkle-all-day charm to your makeup look.

The brand’s name comes from the combined words ‘unleash’ and ‘utopia’, in which the brand hopes to inspire those that experience their products to be able to imagine a place where they can be their ideal self in the reality of this world.

Make the conscious decision to choose the right brand for your business’ glitter needs. And UMMA is your wholesale source if you choose to invest.

Unleashia is now available on UMMA with an MOQ of just 1ea

This giveaway promotion provides an even better opportunity to test the demands of your market if you have not already had the pleasure of discovering this amazing brand.

Unleashia the giveaway items

Get Loose Glitter Gel is one of the brand’s top selling items. Lovers of glitter have the freedom to choose the tint of their liking and where they want to highlight.

Get Loose Glitter Gel
Courtesy of Unleashia

UMMA’s giveaway items include 5ea of No.1 Aurora Catcher and 5ea of No.3 Gold Obsessor.

Any wholesale purchase from umma will allow you to claim one or both items.

Unleashia Get Loose Glitter Gel giveaway at umma
Unleashia Get Loose Glitter Gel giveaway at umma

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