Minimal Skincare with Make Prem on Wholesale

Make Prem is not your conventional skincare brand that offers multiple steps day and night routines. Make Prem means making a pragmatic remedy which is a simple and realistic approach to skincare solutions. You can get this minimal skincare with Make Prem on wholesale at UMMA – your most trusted Korean beauty wholesale supplier!

The philosophy of this K-Beauty brand is simplifying the process by cutting down unnecessary steps that require time, effort, and money. All ingredients are mild, so the products suit all skin types and produce results as promised. There tends to be no ingredients added that may result in skin irritation.

makeprem on wholesale at umma

Make Prem has gained the trust of skincare gurus from around the world in a very short time. The demand for the β€œminimal” skincare was the need of the hour and Make Prem offers just that. With a great line of products that have changed modern skincare, here are the top three:

Comfort Me.

Make Prem Comfort Me. (Barrier Hole Mask, Brightening Hole Mask, Firming Hole Mask) wholesale available at UMMA.

The Comfort Me hole mask series is truly one-of-a-kind. The Micro Trans Moisture Technology ensures that all the natural ingredients are effectively absorbed into the skin. The quantity of chemicals used in each mask is kept at a minimum so that the effect is maximum.

The Barrier Hole Mask protects the skin from the harmful climatic effects while the Brightening Hole Mask works in nourishing the skin. Effective ingredients are absorbed into the skin to minimize pores, fade acne and dark spots resulting in a brighter complexion. The Firming Hole Mask targets fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

Skincare enthusiasts experience a different level of nourishment when using the Make Prem Comfort Me Hole Masks. According to reviews on Shopee, these masks are high in demand as they are unique from other conventional mask sheets.

Safe Me.

Make Prem Safe Me. (Relief Moisture Cleansing Oil, Relief Moisture Cream 12) wholesale available at UMMA.

The Safe Me series is a cry for help from dry and itchy skin. The Relief Moisture Cleansing Oil and Moisture Cream 12 are out there for the rescue. Beauty influencers around the world swear by the Safe Me series from Make Prem.

The moisture level of both cleansing oil and cream 12 has produced great results. The oil is ideal for night routines to lock in moisture and repair flaky and itchy skin. On the other hand, cream 12 protects the skin from dry and windy weather. The formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly. However, what caught the attention of thousands was the number of ingredients in cream 12 – only 12! Hence the name!

UV Defense Me.

Make Prem UV Defense Me. (Calming Sun Cream, Calming Tone Up Sun Cream, Daily Sun Fluid Moisture Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++) on wholesale at UMMA.

Make Prem’s sun care line is simply labeled ‘UV defense me’ and offers a wide range of delivery formats made with minimum ingredients. The three best selling items from this line include: Calming Sun Cream, Calming Tone-up Sun Cream, and especially Daily Sun Fluid Moisture Sun Cream. All have a minimum white cast and absorb well. The result is matte finish without the skin feeling heavy.

Consumers that prefer minimal makeup use Make Prem’s suncare products as a moisturizing primer for the day or as a stand-alone. Beauty experts especially recommend the Sun Fluid Moisture Sun Cream as the go-to sunscreen for all skin types.

Get Make Prem in Bulk for Great Wholesale prices

If you are looking to purchase these trending products by Make Prem in bulk for great wholesale prices, you have come to the right place. UMMA is a trusted name in 213 countries and offers the best selling Korean skincare brands for the best prices. Get in touch today!

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