Get the Secret of Sahara by Huxley on Wholesale

Inspired by the philosophy of Aldous Leonard Huxley, the author of Brave New World, the brand is named after the man himself. The concept of the new world combined with creating a new skincare line of simple products. Ever since the evolution of the beauty industry, the world has become flooded with new cosmetic products that make life even more complex.

Huxley has introduced products that look after the skin in light of harsh climates. Be it in the extreme heat, or the extreme cold, in the desert, or on the mountains โ€“ Huxley takes care of the skin. This concept is new in the Korean beauty industry, which is why it quickly gained popularity. Each product by the brand is high quality that gives absolute results. However, some products are bestselling and at UMMA, we help our clientsโ€™ handpick each one for the good of their business.

Let us dive into the top-selling products by Huxley that are available wholesale at UMMA.

Cleansing Oil; Deep Clean, Deep Moist

The first on the bestselling list is the cleansing oil by Huxley, which removes impurities and cleanses the face without drying out. It helps in retaining moisture while deeply unclogging pores and moisturizing at the same time. Reviews on Shopee claim that the skin feels light and does not feel heavy as opposed to other cleansing oils. Packed with the goodness of prickly pear seed oil, this cleansing oil is changing trends in the K-beauty industry.

Cream; Anti-Gravity

Ideal for fighting wrinkles and for smoothing out rough and dull skin โ€“ this anti-gravity is getting many good reviews both on Amazon and on Shopee. With the moisture from the Sahara prickly seed oil, the cream glides on smoothly over the face and neck leaving a well-nourished feeling behind. This cream is great for locking in good moisture in extremely hot climates โ€“ just like in the Sahara desert. The anti-gravity cream protects the skin from external factors by creating a protective barrier that locks in the good ingredients and skinโ€™s natural oils.

Cream; Glow Awakening

Similar to how the anti-gravity works against protection from external stressors, the glow awakening does the same. However, instead of fighting wrinkles, it adds a glow and luster to the skin surface. The antioxidant effects packed in this cream along with bisabolol helps in regenerating the skin surface. Moreover, the soothing effect leaves the skin looking young, moisturized, and toned for brighter skin. Reviews rave about the fading of dark spots and brightening impact of the glow awakening.

Cream; Fresh & More

This is a gel-based cream that forms a protective layer on the skinโ€™s surface. Ideal for extremely dry climates or people with dry skin, fresh & more by Huxley has done wonders. Apart from supplying hydration with the pure ingredients packed into this gel-cream, it also retains the moisture. Hence, the name fresh & more. According to reviews on Amazon and Shopee, skincare lovers are already on their second jar and have no plans of quitting anytime soon.

Sun Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF50+ PA++++

The problem with using sun cream is dealing with the white cast that follows. However, this stay sun safe by Huxley is the opposite! Specially formulated with ingredients that do not leave a white cast is a solution for the entire family. The non-sticky formula is what skincare enthusiasts love about the cream and have been using it for a while now. Some users on Amazon also claim to have sensitive skin and using this sun cream has helped them deal with skin irritations easily.

Get Huxley on Wholesale at UMMA

At UMMA, we focus on hand-picking trending and bestselling Korean beauty products for our clients. You can grow your beauty business by selecting only those products that are in demand around the world. Do not worry about investing in a stock that is hard to sell! These products by Huxley will sell themselves! Get in touch today for the most competitive rates among korean cosmetics wholesalers.

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