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Real Barrier the Brand

Real Barrier may just be one of Korea’s skin barrier skincare pioneers.

NeoPharm is the parent company of Real Barrier, Atopalm, Derma: B, and T’else. Of the various brands owned by NeoPharm, the first three brands present products containing NeoPharm’s world-renown original skincare technology, MLEยฎ.

MLEยฎ, or Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, is a technology that can mimic almost perfectly the cellular structure of skin’s natural barrier. What this means is that when applied to the skin, it is able to restore the barrier system and strengthen and boost the skin’s natural ability to protect and hydrate itself.

The plant-derived ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol that makes up MLE is safe, mild, non-greasy and quick absorbing, best for dry and sensitive skin. It works fast to coat the skin to block external stresses while retain the skin’s natural moisture.

This innovative technology is backed by various patents and published research articles in both Korea and America. Clinical trials were conducted to solidify the findings of the efficacy of the technology.

The motivation and achievements built up from this technology was thanks to a father and skin science specialist at NeoPharm looking for a solution for his children’s atopic dermatitis. Thus, the baby and kid’s skincare line, Atopalm was created, and expanded to skincare for dry and sensitive skin types (Real Barrier) and Derma: B’s personal care product line.

The paraben free, safe and effective products enhanced by the one-of-a-kind technology has put a spotlight on Real Barrier and the other brands globally.

Real Barrier Product Types

All the products by Real Barrier are made focused to its purpose and user-friendly with various texture options. Each category of products provided by Real Barrier come in various textures to meet the diverse needs of diverse individuals.

For example, they provide two different types of sunscreens – the Mild Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++, which is a physical sunscreen, and Moisture Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA++++ a reef-safe chemical sunscreen. Those that have sensitive skin may prefer a physical sunscreen while those that prefer a no white cast, less heavy option may choose the Moisture Sun Lotion.

Real Barrier’s focus on skin barrier instinctively makes their cream products their most loved.

They provide three options according to the texture and moisture care intensity – Aqua Soothing Cream, Intense Moisture Cream, and Extreme Cream.

All of these choices were carefully researched and created to provide the best care according to need.

Real Barrier Giveaway Selections

For this particular promotion, we have prepared two sets of Real Barrier’s top products, courtesy of Real Barrier.

Real Barrier Giveaway Selections

With any purchase from UMMA, you will be able to claim 1 or both sets below:

1. ‘Moisture Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA++++’ 40ml x 5ea

2. ‘Real Barrier Best 3 Sample Kitx 5 Sets

Each Best 3 Sample Kit includes 1ea of Cream Cleansing Foam 15ml, Intense Moisture Cream 10ml, and Extreme Cream 10ml.

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