The Secret to Korean Pore Care – The Best Pore-Minimizing K-Beauty Products
best pore-minimizing k beauty products on wholesale at umma

You’ve probably heard people say that hot water “opens” your pores and cold water “closes” them. Before we delve into pore care and products, one thing should be made very clear – pores don’t open and close.

They also can’t be shrunk – pore minimizing products minimize the appearance of pores, not the pores themselves. Here’s a quick rundown: pores are small openings that the skin uses to release sweat and oils – yes, it doesn’t sound particularly appealing to us either. However, they are important for the health of your skin since they flush out toxins and keep you cool.

Don’t lose all hope. You’re not destined to have large pores forever – at least, not as large as they may be right now. While you cannot shrink pores, there are ways you can make them appear smaller. In this article, we’re going to introduce to you some of the best Korean beauty products on the market right now. Some of these will help you disguise your pores while others will work over time to keep them clear. Remember – when your pores aren’t clogged, they’re much less obvious. Now it’s time for the fun stuff – products.

Korean Pore Care – Why It Works

K-Beauty products, Korean pore minimizers in particular, are among the best in the world right now. People may wonder how Korea gets it right every single time, and there’s an answer to this – they prioritize skincare.

Ask any Korean – from a young age, they are taught that skincare is important and that caring for one’s skin is second nature. While the Western world sees skincare as a luxury, Koreans see it for what it is – essential.

Best Selling Korean Pore Minimizing Skincare Products

These Korean skincare products are designed to work over a period of time to diminish the appearance of pores. Use them regularly to see results!

Etude House : Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser

This is the second part of the aforementioned double cleanse. Traditionally, the first cleanse is done with an oil cleanser, and the second with a water-based cleanser. By removing excess sebum and using Lauric Acid to fight acne, this cleanser thoroughly cleans your skin and prepares it for your skincare.

Benton : Aloe BHA Skin Toner

For those of you who appreciate clean beauty, this is the toner for you. Benton has been eliminating harsh ingredients and opting for natural alternatives since 2011. This toner is no different – its main ingredient is aloe barbadensis leaf (aka aloe Vera). In addition to this soothing and hydrating ingredient, the formula includes Beta-Glucan, Sodium Hyaluronate (aka Hyaluronic Acid), and snail secretion filtrate.

One of the reasons this toner is one of the best products for pores is that while it is deeply hydrating, it also manages to thoroughly exfoliate the skin. While this isn’t a feat on its own, combine it with this nugget of information – it is gentle enough to use every day, without needing to build up tolerance. Using salicylic acid as its BHA of choice, this toner is sure to result in clear and smooth skin – no obvious pores in sight.

Innisfree : Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Formulated with Jeju volcanic clay, this mask absorbs excess sebum like no other. In addition to this, it also brightens the face, helps with skin texture and blemishes, all while leaving your skin hydrated. Traditional clay masks strip the skin of all its oils, but this mask uses moisturizing and soothing ingredients to prevent this. While volcanic clay and lactic acid exfoliate the skin and help with sebum production, ingredients like Butylene Glycol, glycerin, Trehalose and more ensure that the skin remains hydrated.

Elizavecca : Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

This viral peel-off mask has been dubbed one of the best Korean pore minimizers. By using charcoal to remove impurities from the skin combined with the peel-off function removing dead skin, this mask effectively exfoliates your face. Just remember to moisturize afterwards!

SKIN1004 : Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

What is a cleansing oil doing in an article about the best pore minimizing products for oily skin? Adding oil to already oily skin? While this sounds contradictory, it is actually one of the best ways to stop your skin from overproducing sebum and clogging your pores.

Many believe that oily skin does not need hydration, and instead, opt for mattifying products. However, they do not realize that oily skin usually produces excess oil to compensate for the lack of oil. Stripping your skin with harsh surfactants and mattifying face washes only makes the matter worse. Give your skin some hydration, and we assure you that it will calm down on the oil production, which will lead to less clogged pores.

For those worried about oily residue, have no fear. This product does not leave a greasy film on your face. Korean beauty actually emphasizes the importance of double cleansing – the first cleanse to remove makeup, sunscreen or grime in general, and the second to clean your face. This ensures that all of your products are actually removed. Not cleansing properly and leaving makeup on your face is one of the worst things to do if you’re trying to minimize pore size. Properly cleanse now and thank us later!

This formula also contains the famous Madagascar Centella to calm and soothe your skin while deeply cleansing out SPF, makeup, and dirt to prevent future breakouts.

Stock up on Best Korean Skincare Products on UMMA

With high standards and constant innovation, K-beauty and Korean skincare has become successful worldwide. From novel ingredients like Jeju volcanic ash to innovative formulas and cute packaging, K-Beauty has changed the skincare game – they have made skincare fun.

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