Tea Ferment Skincare by Cha’ul on Wholesale

CHAโ€™UL is Beiersdorf’s (NIVEA) unique premium skincare brand developed to address Asian skin concerns. First launched in 2020, the inspiration for its name comes from โ€˜Cha,โ€™ the Korean word for โ€˜tea’. The brand delivers essential skincare products with the main ingredient being fermented tea originating from Hadong, South Korea, a region appointed by royalty in the past and famously producing tea for over centuries. The products contain Jakseol Tea, which is fermented purely naturally with air, wind, and sunlight, retaining much of the ingredient’s efficacy for providing anti-aging and skin toning benefits. These premium skincare can be found on UMMA for wholesale.

Cha’ulโ€™s Early Ritual line was developed over seven years of research, and created to become the ultimate skincare package that offers five-fold benefits. These include skin brightening, wrinkle improvement, moisturization, hydration, and nutrition. And to add to its benefits, the formulas are considered to be Eve Vegan certified, cruelty-free, and produced eco-consciously.

But the brand doesn’t stop at providing minimal skincare essentials. Cha’ul also understands the importance of lifestyle for the most optimal skin condition. It advocates a lifestyle of mindfulness. Just as tea pouring ceremonies call for mindfulness, the perfect skincare ritual requires a shift in mindfulness in one’s life.

While premium skincare may be more costly, rest assured these products contain only the best of the best quality of superior ingredients, and have proven to provide highly satisfying results among users.

Read on for details of the three best products by Cha’ul available for wholesale on UMMA.

Early Ritual Water Essence

The Early Ritual Water Essence contains 80% Cha’ul Sunlitea Complexโ„ข, which is the key formulation – a mixture of Jakseol Tea fermentation extract, Lily Magnolia extract, White Rice extract, Bifida ferment lysate, and others. The complex is extremely effective in moisturizing and clarifying the skin. This water essence applies light like a toner to purify the skin while delivering a concentration of highly beneficial active ingredients just as an essence would, leaving your skin flawlessly hydrated and smooth.

Early Ritual Ampoule

This Ampoule contains 74% Cha’ul Sunlitea Complexโ„ข and other active ingredients to provide the nutrition your skin needs to glow from within. It takes just a few drops per application to cover your face and neck fully, and the lightweight formula is fast absorbed. The formula works fast to hydrate from within, leaving skin plump with a healthy glow. The light fragrance is created with all natural ingredients. It does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is free of 15 harmful ingredients.

Early Ritual Water Cream

Another trademark product by Cha’ul as part of its Early Ritual line, the cream that contains 54% Sunlit Tea Complex. This makes the skin firm and smooth to touch. It reduces wrinkles and any signs of aging with just one application. Like other products in Cha’ulโ€™s critically-acclaimed product line, Early Ritual Water Cream has garnered huge popularity among the local as well as international demographic. The positive reviews from satisfied customers are the reflection of this!

Invest in Clean Beauty Cha’ul for Your Business from UMMA

Considering the cult fanbase developed by the brand for its exceptional quality and skincare results, it is safe to assume the brand will only expand its popularity worldwide. Register to shop at UMMA, your reliable wholesale supplier for Korean skincare, and invest in these premium Cha’ul Early Ritual products for your high class beauty customers.

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