Steady Seller Skincare by Mamonde on Wholesale

The literal meaning of Mamonde is โ€˜My Worldโ€™, which is what the brand focuses on creating for modern and confident women. With inspiration taken from flowers after studying their energy for over 28 years, MAMONDE has created products that accentuate the beauty of women.

Although flowers are popular for their beauty, they are also a source of vitality for the plant. The careful consideration of flowers on how they draw energy and power from nature and explode into full bloom. The life cycle of the flower is a unique phenomenon full of vital energy. Based on the same concept and studies, MAMONDE has created award-winning products for its customers.

The brand caught the attention of several experienced dermatologists and skincare lovers. Based on the testimony of the power of flowers, MAMONDE has included them for skin benefits. Rest assured for as much as Mamonde has been around, there are some forever loyal customers only looking for their best products. Stock up on Mamonde on wholesale for low competitive prices at UMMA.

Let us look at them in detail.

โค๏ธ Best Seller: Rose Water Toner

Unlike other products in the beauty industry, this Rose Water Toner by MAMONDE contains 90.97% rose water. With the power of the rose, users experience a soothing feeling that leaves their skin fresh and radiant. Some reviews even call this Rose Water Toner the โ€˜hydration expertโ€™ for dry and cold days.

Pore Clean Toner

The Pore Clean Toner leaves the skin with a natural matt finish. This allows skincare lovers to use the toner as a daily routine. With the absence of an oily and shiny finish, the Pore Clean Toner by MAMONDE cleans open pores and prevents the formation of sebum and other impurities.

Pore Clean Blackhead Stick

Made with natural mineral clay, this Pore Clean Blackhead Stick by MAMONDE effectively absorbs excess sebum and cleans the pores of all impurities. The infusion of heartleaf in the stick has resulted in skincare fanatics feeling softer skin with the removal of dead skin cells. Reviews show that it has quickly become a favorite among both men and women. Moreover, the repurchase rate of this stick is on the rise and it is not coming down anytime soon.

Creamy Tint Balm Intense

As the name suggests, the Creamy Tint Balm Intense leaves an intense color after just one swap. Makeup lovers rave on Amazon about the soft velvety texture that lasts all day long. The matt finish perfectly complements every casual and formal look. It has become a go-to tint balm for many professional women. Moreover, the balm works in a way that greatly moisturizes the lips and works against the formation of fine lines on the lips.

Creamy Tint Color Balm Chiffon

This tinted balm feels light and smooth โ€“ just like chiffon. The Creamy Tint Color Balm Chiffon swept social media a lot earlier than its release! Influencers on social media were sent samples before the official release and they tried it. Needless to say, every one of these influencers loved the product as it kept their lips soft, non-flaky, moisturized and did not fade away. Some reviews even claim that MAMONDE has outdone themselves with this product release.

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