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NEEDLY focuses on creating skincare solutions that provide what the skin needs. Nothing more, nothing less. Products by NEEDLY are all the rage in the Korean beauty industry ever since it entered the market and took over by storm.

The famous micro patch targets acne and tackles it in a gentle yet effective way. However, three other products by NEEDLY are trending and bestselling. We at UMMA are dedicated to guiding beauty businesses, such as yourself, where to invest in a brand. The following products have a high repurchase rate and likely to stay in 2022. Get NEEDLY on wholesale for low rates at UMMA.

NEEDLY for wholesale at UMMA

Daily Toner Pad (60EA)

NEEDLY’s Daily Toner Pad has been:

  • Allure Editor’s top pick in September 2020,
  • Marie Claire Editor’s pick 2020,
  • Beauty+ Top pick of 2020 and
  • The Glowpick Winner of 2020.

It has also been the top choice of beauty influencers all year round in 2021. The reason why this product received such acclaimed awards is due to its ability to target multiple skin problems. The double-layered toner pad tightens open pores and locks in moisture. Additionally, it soothes the skin and evens-out skin texture and tone.

According to reviews on Lazada, the toner pad bottle has ample moisture that prevents dryness. It comes with a pin set which ensures hygiene. Moreover, the size of the pad is big enough to cover a large area of the cheek, meaning that one pad is more than enough to tone per day.

Face Light Oil

The Face Light Oil is created for those who experience oily yet dehydrated skin. This is a very common and dreadful skin condition with no answers – until now. The Face Light Oil by NEEDLY is a simple, one-step solution for unhealthy-looking skin.

When the skin becomes dehydrated, the result is excessive oil and sebum formation. This eventually leads to acne. Skincare devotees are aware of this problem but the solution is seen for the first time in this face oil by NEEDLY. Reviews on Lazada confirm that the product gives what it promises. It is trending for staying true to its promise of ultimate moisture from within the skin surface.

Mild Cleansing Gel

The Mild Cleansing Gel is a wonder in the skincare industry. It has proven to be miraculous for those with acne-prone skin. The gel clarifies dust and removes all impurities from the skin without causing any dryness. Additionally, it forms foam and lather that ensure the gel is thoroughly absorbed into the skin.

Beauty influencers recommend the Mild Cleansing Gel by NEEDLY as an addition to the daily skincare routine. The formula is light and gentle to the skin targeting acne and active acne germs.

NEEDLY is Available Wholesale at UMMA!

Products by NEEDLY are in high demand across the world. Take your beauty business to new heights of success in 2022 by including this brand. Sign up today for the most competitive wholesale rates of NEEDLY.

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