Magical Beauty of PERIPERA Cosmetics on Wholesale

Peripera is a brand created by Clio Cosmetics. Different from Clio, Peripera offers more affordable, innovative makeup to a younger, trendier audience. The name comes from a Persian fairytale legend. A fairy name Peri had a magic pouch, Pera, that turned her into an alluring woman. PERIPERA offers to bring that magic to their fans with a modern twist of technology. Since the start, Peripera has won over hearts of young beauty lovers globally. You can find these magical worldwide best sellers of PERIPERA Cosmetics on wholesale at UMMA.

You may think that with all the different product types, you would do well with just one product line and leave the rest be. But the smart decision PERIPERA has made is that they have created diverse product lines. This is because they know each are loved by various audience types that prefer different styles and textures.

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to PERIPERA best sellers. But let us look at four best products that are still standing strong in the test of time.

Magical Beauty of PERIPERA Cosmetics on Wholesale at UMMA.

Ink the Airy Velvet

PERIPERA Ink the Airy Velvet Wholesale at UMMA.

The Ink the Airy Velvet lip color is light-as-air. The formula glides like oil, effortlessly after each application. Makeup lovers compare this lip color with others and have found it to be incomparable. Additionally, the range of colors it comes in is perfect for all skin colors. The result of the application is moisturized lips and long-lasting color. Reviews on Lazada suggest that the name of the lip color does justice as lips feel like velvet itself.

Ink the Velvet (AD)

PERIPERA Ink the Velvet (AD) Wholesale at UMMA

If you want a bit more pigmentation, Ink the Velvet (AD) is the way to go. Moreover, users claim that this lip color is long-lasting and they can spend an entire day with just one application. The liquid-creamy texture of the ink velvet is great for coverage compared to the oil-mousse texture of the Airy Velvet. Famous makeup artists praise this product for its ability to create great gradation effects.

Speedy Skinny Brow

PERIPERA Speedy Skinny Brows

This is a one-of-a-kind brow pencil with a thinner tip to create finer hairlines. Reviews rave about its ease of glide on the brows and creating a beautiful look. Available in five different shades, there is no difference between natural and drawn eyebrows. Additionally, when an individual applies the pencil second and third times to create thicker brows, the color does not clump. It stays clean and neat for an entire day.

Ink Mood Matte Tint

PERIPERA Ink Moode Matte Tint

Beauty fanatics keep praising the packaging of the Ink Mood Matte Tint and for all the good reasons. PERIPERA focuses on innovative packaging and has created a unique brand that stands out. Keeping in mind the modern world and its demand, the trending Ink Mood Matte Tint is a winner. It comes in several shades all created to fit the skin colors of the modern woman. The texture is soft and lasts all day creating a natural finished look to the user.

Get PERIPERA on Wholesale at UMMA

When it comes to K-Beauty makeup, PERIPERA is a household name that’s hard to miss. We recommending stocking up on these best sellers if you want to bring in the makeup-loving community. This is your chance to boost your beauty business. Register now and get a welcome coupon you can use on your first purchase of PERIPERA Cosmetics on wholesale.

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