COMMONLABS. The Best Vitamin Skincare on Wholesale

The problem with the modern world is that there is just not enough time for personal care. People are too busy with professional and social commitments. So, your skin is often neglected. This is where COMMONLABS comes in to the rescue with their solution – vitamin for your skin. The demand for vitamin skin care is rising. We recommend stocking up on COMMONLABS, the best vitamin skincare on wholesale.

COMMONLABS is built on the philosophy that healthy skin comes from a healthy lifestyle. Notwithstanding, people continue this hectic lifestyle while the signs of aging become prominent.

In order to combat this bad habit, this is what COMMONLABS proposes: nutrition for the skin on the go! The brand does not tell beauty enthusiasts to change their way of life. They simply say to add to their routine a COMMONLABS product that works with your lifestyle.

COMMONLABS on wholesale at umma

So let’s talk about the best lineup of skincare products from COMMONLABS:

Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C are numerous! Generating collagen is one of them, which is essential for youthful skin. Without collagen regeneration, the skin cannot prevent wrinkles. Additionally, Vitamin C has anti-oxidative properties, and can protect the skin from harmful exposures from the sun and other environmental factors.

The unique point about COMMONLABS’ Vitamin C formula is that it not only contains pure Vitamin C, but also a 6 fruits complex that contains natural Vitamin C. In other words, you’re essentially feeding your skin the daily Vitamin C dose it needs just by applying their products as instructed.

Take a look at some popular choice across the world. Here are two best-selling COMMONLABS Vitamin C products:

COMMONLABS Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cream

The gel texture of this cream is ideal for spreading out on the skin and leaving a moisturized feeling. It has 30% Seas Buckthorn Water that gives a glossy look to dull skin. Subsequently, K-Beauty fans praise the Brightening Gel Cream’s refreshing pure orange peel scent. Fans are hooked to this product and are using it everyday, day and night.

COMMONLABS Vitamin C Glow Boosting Face Mask

Experienced skincare users cannot help but boast about the scent of this mask! And for good reasons too. The COMMONLABS Glow Boosting Face Mask contains natural Lemon Peel Granules that help in removing dead skin cells and cleaning out open pores. Additionally, it has AHA, BHA and PHA complex, which helps in achieving a smooth and bright skin texture.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E does wonders on the skin by soothing and calming. COMMONLABS combines nature and technology to bring results. The following three products are high in demand around the world, taking Korean skincare to another level.

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Ampoule

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Ampoule Wholesale

This Calming Ampoule is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. The tea tree extract delivers instant coolness to the skin, which COMMONLABS fans absolutely love. In fact, most of the reviews rave about its effectiveness with the use of just one bottle. Acne scars, red or black, fade away leaving the skin looking young, fresh and youthful at the same time.

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot Cream

A rare, innovative product type, indeed. This micro needle spot cream is truly one-of-a-kind!

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot Cream Wholesale

Users actually experience tiny stings from the micro needles contained in the formula. But here’s why fans love it. The idea is to create an open pathway for ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. The tea tree extract then targets the acne-causing bacteria most effectively. And the product gets rid of acnes with only 2 to 3 uses.

The function, the packaging, and effectiveness of their Micro Needle Spot Cream is truly interesting, to say the least. Do you agree?

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Light Cream

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Light Cream Wholesale

The COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Light Cream works like a miracle on acne-prone and sensitive skin. It contains Madecassoside and Allantoin to heal and soothe skin, and 77.43% tea tree leaf extract to control sebum.

Get COMMONLABS Best-selling Vitamin Skincare for Wholesale

As mentioned before, vitamin skincare is rising in demand. So is the demand for COMMONLABS. Why? Because the products containing high concentration of natural and effective ingredients. It’s also cruelty-free. And reviewers show these products deliver proven results.

Meet the rising demands for vitamin skincare with COMMONLABS available at UMMA.

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