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The standard setter brand, Innisfree did not start out as the hit brand we know and love today. While natural ingredients in skincare seem like a more recent trend, Innisfree may have been one of the first few that did it right, and for affordable prices. Innisfree has since become a global brand with high demands, and stocking up on their best seller items would be a smart move for k beauty business owners. Get Innisfree on wholesale for low prices at UMMA.

Fast forward to today, the one particular key point that brought fame and beauty lovers clamoring for their products timelessly is that they extract natural ingredients from the island of Jeju. This top Korean skincare brand’s success has become a historical milestone and the quality standard the rest of the Korean beauty industry would have to follow.

The following categories and their best-sellers are great for investing in this year.

All-Time Top Seller Korean Base Makeup:

No Sebum Mineral Powder

This is the most effective mineral powder that targets oily areas like the center of the forehead and nose. These areas on the face are prone to release sebum that results in shiny residue while wearing makeup. Just tapping the No Sebum Mineral Powder over face locks makeup and oils underneath. This creates a matt finished look and the makeup lasts longer than usual. Reviews on Amazon and Lazada show that it has become essential for all makeup lovers.

Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Another product worth mentioning is the Auto Eyebrow Pencil, which is also a best seller in the makeup category. Available in seven different colors, there is one for every skin tone! This eyebrow pencil received much praise from around the world. The unique shape of the tip allows everyone to create the desired look without clumping.

Mask Category:

Skin Clinic Mask Hyaluronic Acid

The skincare category by Innisfree is another story. This line of skin clinic masks targets different skin concerns. The hyaluronic acid sheet mask targets wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin in mere 15 minutes. Moreover, users claim that this mask is better at fitting the face and they can feel the ingredients being absorbed well into the skin.

Skin Clinic Mask Vita C 20ML

With the power of vitamin C to absorb into the skin with the super-soft cotton mask sheet, the Skin Clinic Mask Vita C is a winner. It targets dark spots and blemishes while improving skin complexion. Reviews sing about its brightening effects on the face!

My Real Squeeze Mask EX (Manuka Honey & Tea Tree)

The My Real Squeeze Mask EX is a great addition to a nighttime skincare regime. It comes in 13 different yet yummy variations, each one targeting a skin concern that meets your needs. The most popular ones are, however, Manuka Honey and Tea Tree. While Manuka Honey greatly hydrates and moisturizes the skin, the Tea Tree mask purifies open pores. Both are common skincare conditions and Innisfree addresses them with these masks.

Cleansing Products:

Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser

Healthy skin means a balanced pH level of oil and moisture. The Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser is amazing for prepping skin for makeup. The power of blueberries is not a secret. Being a superfood for better health, it also has antioxidant properties that firm the skin. Moreover, the skinโ€™s pH levels are stabilized that ultimately promoting better skin health. Amazon and Lazada reviews claim that this cleanser has resulted in purified skin leading to fewer skin problems.

Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam 150ML

Jeju green tea extract is the key ingredient of this cleansing foam. It helps in hydrating the skin while targeting acne and open pores. Users are in love with this cleanser and it has become part of their daily skincare routine.

More steady sellers:

Green Tea Seed Serum

Made from 16 different types of amino acids, the Green Tea Seed Serum is a testimony of flawless skin in one bottle. The serum has a thick texture, which is ideal for fast absorption leaving the skin to feel fresh and nourished. Moreover, the high amount of minerals helps green tea target active and old acne. Users have experienced a quick reduction of dark spots on their faces and neck.

Orchid Enriched Cream 50ML

Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream focuses targets wrinkles and fine lines. With the power of orchids that survive in a harsh and cold climate, the extracts protect skin from external stressors. Moreover, reviews on Lazada claim that this cream does wonders when it comes to eliminating dark spots that have become old. Ideal for use on the face, neck and hands, the Orchid Enriched Cream is an all-rounder.

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2022 has seen some drastic changes in the beauty industry with the introduction of new products in the market. Nevertheless, the world has eyes set for Korean beauty and that is not changing anytime soon. This is your time to grow your beauty business by investing in trending products. Register now at UMMA and get the best wholesale rates for best and trending K Beauty brands.

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