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How does the Beauty Supply work?

supply chain

If you ever bought or sold beauty supplies, you probably want to know where all those beauty products come from. Believe it or not, there’s a huge beauty supply chain behind every cosmetic beauty supplies that’s ever sold.

From manufacturers all the way into the customer’s hand – that’s a long way to go. There are wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and a lot more moving parts that come into play. Everyone has something to do and they all complement each other one way or the other.

At the end of the day, the entire chain is working to keep customers happy! If you’d like to know how that works, read down below!

Understanding Beauty Supply

Imagine you’re a retailer. You buy products in bulk from a manufacturer and sell them to customers on a smaller scale. That’s easy to understand, right? A brand produces the goods and you sell them to customers – but that’s not the whole story.

There’s a huge gap between the manufacturer and you, the retailer. Most of the time, there are a couple of middlemen who buy from the manufacturer first and sell to the retailer second.

These businesses are called beauty wholesalers. They are charge of buying from the manufacturers and then selling (and delivering) those products to you. They too are part of the beauty supply.

Sometimes, when the manufacturer exports its products overseas, they also have a regional distribution channel. If that’s the case, beauty wholesalers won’t buy from manufacturers directly but through their regional channel.

While this may seem complicated at first glance, it’s fairly easy to understand: A manufacturer produces goods and exports them through their regional channels. Then, a beauty wholesaler buys from them and then sells to the retailer. Finally, the retailer sells the products to its customers.

Why are there so many players in this game? Or, better yet: why doesn’t the manufacturer sell directly to customers? Because they need retailers (people like you) to reach more clients than they would on their own. If a brand sells to customers directly, they’ll reach fewer people than they would through retailers.

The beauty supply keeps everyone happy!

How to Beauty Supply Chain Work

If you truly want to understand how the chain for beauty supplies work, you need to get to know every part of that chain.

It’s a little more complicated than what we’ve explained before, but we’ll break it down one by one so it’s easy to understand.

  • Manufacturer: This is where it all starts. The manufacturer is charge of production. They make the beauty supplies first and sell them to the biggest beauty wholesalers second. Manufacturers are charge of overseas distribution – and they are the ones who establish regional distribution strategies.
  • Overseas Wholesaler: Often designated by the beauty supplies manufacturers, they are the ones who buy in bulk and then sell to other businesses from all over the world. This type of wholesaler only exists if the manufacturer is located overseas.
  • Exclusive Distributors: These distributors buy from overseas beauty wholesalers and are in charge of selling to specific regions in their area. For example, an overseas beauty wholesaler is in charge of distribution in America and an exclusive beauty supply distributor is in charge of distribution in the State of California. They also create marketing strategies for their region.
  • Local Wholesalers: A local wholesaler acts the same way overseas wholesalers do, but instead of buying from manufacturers, they buy from exclusive distributors. They then sell to retailers. On rare occasions, they sell to customers as well.
  • Retailer: The final part of the chain before reaching the customers. Retailers usually buy from local wholesalers and put their beauty items on sale for customers to buy.

If you’re a retailer, you’re probably buying from local beauty wholesalers and not from higher up in the chain. Everyone has an important part to play here – and if someone is missing, the entire chain is broken. If the chain is broken, it’ll be hard for retailers and customers to get their beauty supplies!

Best Way to Buy Beauty Supplies

Yes, there’s a better way! If you’re looking for the best K-beauty products in the market, there’s a company you can work with directly.

Instead of going through the usual channels, you can skip most of the beauty supply chain and get your products from a company that deals directly with the manufacturers of the best cosmetic brands in Korea.

UMMA works with retailers from all over the world and acts as an overseas beauty wholesaler, exclusive beauty distributor, and local beauty wholesaler all in one! This means that by partnering with UMMA, you’re as close to the manufacturers as you can be.

Choose UMMA as your partner for Beauty Supply

As you know, by partnering with UMMA you’re going up the distribution chain and getting quite close to the brands themselves. Being this close to the source of the best K beauty supplies is great for a lot of things, such as:

Enjoying competitive prices – and a bigger profit

If you partner with UMMA, you won’t have to deal with distributors and local wholesalers. By removing them, the cost of the beauty supplies will be better than before. With better prices, you will outlast the competition and increase your profits like never before!

Being more efficient – you’ll sell beauty supplies even more than before

Because you’re working directly with an overseas beauty wholesaler, the distribution time will be cut short. By doing so, you’ll get your beauty supplies at a faster rate. Forget about losing a sale because your beauty product is out of stock – and start thinking about how you’re going to expand your business!

Getting the latest beauty supply information for your marketing strategy

Not only you’ll enjoy better prices and faster delivery, but you will also get all the beauty supply information you need to make the perfect marketing strategy!

When you partner with UMMA, you’re partnering with a business that is right at the center of the action. We know everything there’s to know about K beauty supplies and we know it before anyone else does! You will have that information too, and we’ll allow you to outsmart the competition.

If you partner with UMMA, you’d be getting the same treatment as if you were buying beauty supply products in Korea – and your clients will feel the same way!

Your customers will know the difference – and your competition will know it too.

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